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1981 Horror Film ‘The Howling’ to Be Remade by Emaji Entertainment

First Posted: Jun 16, 2015 04:45 PM EDT
Dee Wallace-Stone

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Emaji Entertainment has acquired the rights to remake the 1981 horror film "The Howling," according to a press release on the site.

The movie was met with critical and box-office success upon its release, quickly developing a cult following.

The 1981 film was based loosely on the series of books written by author Gary Brander. Although it had some similarities to the original works, it had many more differences.

The film was directed by legendary Joe Dante and was produced on a $1.5 million dollar budget. For that time, the budget was quite modest and the return on investment was quite substantial, drawing in nearly $18 million at the domestic box office alone with no international data available at Box Office Mojo.

The original film starred Dee Wallace and Christopher Stone (who later married in real life) and centered around a news anchor's special report on a serial killer on the loose in the Los Angeles area. After a near fatal encounter with the murderer, she is sent to a remote village resort so she can recuperate from her traumatic stress, only to be met with a colony of werewolves that intend to either assimilate her or eat her, according the IMDb.

The film was released in 1981, which was considered the year of the werewolf because "An American Werewold in London" was also released that year. Also, the film "Wolfen" came out in 1981, but it was not as successful as the other two movies.

According to Bloody Disgusting, this movie is also a pioneering film in the horror industry due to its use of quality special effects, an emerging technology at the time, for the werewolf transformations. This excluded and pre-dated the use of computer-generated effects (CGI), which have been met across the board with mixed criticism from the horror community.

Check out this video below from the 1981 film.

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