The rumor mill is grinding and the current topic du jour is none other than teen superstar Justin Bieber... again. Surprised?

We all know about the reports that came out this past week about bad boy Bieber launching an assault by egg on his neighbor's house, which led to a police raid on Bieber's Calabasas, Calif. pad. This sparked a slew of other reports about the singer's buddy Lil Za and his subsequent arrest for felony drug possession.

Which takes us to today's news from several high-profile Tinseltown gossip hounds.

According to a report from TMZ, Bieber "is using drugs with alarming regularity" to the point where his "people" have joined forces in a bid to urge him to check into rehab.

TMZ says that "multiple credible connected sources" have confided in them that Bieber has been using "sizzurp" regularly, a narcotic cocktail that Bieber and crew refer to as "lean."

The home brew is typically codeine and promethazine mixed with Sprite and a Jolly Rancher. It's apparently a very dangerous and seemingly toxic drink that can trigger seizures and more. On top of that recipe for disaster, TMZ's sources allege that Bieber has been partaking in the old staples: weed and alcohol.

Radar Online also reports that a number of people close to Bieber are "deeply concerned" about his drug use and want to help him help himself.

"The people who care about Justin and whom are closest to him wish he would consider getting help," and insider reportedly told Radar, which went on to detail and alleged 12-month downward spiral that the superstar has been suffering in the very public eye of acid-tongued critics and adoring fans alike.

The long, strange trip reportedly began in January of 2013 when photos surfaced of "what appeared to be Bieber smoking pot with a group of friends," Radar reports.

And the beat goes on...

The report details rumors that emerged a few months later in April when a police spokesman in Stockholm told the Associated Press that drugs and a stun gun were found on Bieber's tour bus, which it seems was searched after hotel security  allegedly reported that they smelled marijuana coming from the room Bieber was staying in, though his reps deny that report.

Then, it seems, Bieber's "beliebers" accused him in June of being stoned after the singer posted "bizzare" and "glassy-eyed" videos to Instagram (with player hating fans like this, who needs enemies?). On top of the fan reports, Radar says that, in the same month, Bieber's former party pal King Kevi told them that he'd "seen him smoke weed."

In October the drug rumors resurfaced as another photo came out showing Bieber holding what was alleged to be a "marijuana joint."

The following month in Australia, one of Bieber's bodyguards was reportedly arrested after airport security found marijuana in his luggage. And finally, bringing the year to a close, in December of 2013 the pop star was allegedly seen exiting a smoke-filled van, "prompting onlookers to accuse him of 'hot-boxing' marijuana in the vehicle," Radar reports.

According to this particular celeb "news" outlet, Bieber has no plans whatsoever to enter rehab. And really, who can blame the kid? Why go through all that trouble when he can just as easily pack up and move to weed-friendly Washington or Colorado, where this type of stoney-baloney lifestyle, which we all know runs rampant in our country, is now completely legal and legit?


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