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'Inside Out' News Update: Five Reasons why Pixar's New Film was Successful

First Posted: Jun 22, 2015 03:09 PM EDT
Inside out

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This weekend “Inside Out” broke two records for Pixar and for Hollywood. The animated film surpassed expectations and became an instant hit.

After a disappointing May, the summer seemed to be looking in bad shape, especially when numbers were less than last year’s May summer box office.

June got off to a great start with “Jurassic World” crushing the box office record and becoming the best opening ever. However, “Inside Out” proved it could take on “Jurassic World” and opened to an outstanding $91 million.

While it was the second highest opening for a Pixar film, it became the highest opening weekend ever for an original property that is not a sequel or a non-sourced work. The total passed “Avatar” from 2009 which opened with $77 million.

The success of the film was due in part because of the timing of the movie. Over the past weeks, the marketplace lacked a true family friendly animated film. Prior to that only “Home” was in cinemas and that film had opened over three months ago. With children out of school, parents were looking for a film to take their kids to see.

“Inside Out” also had the advantage of a Cannes screening back in May. The stellar reviews out of the festival helped build buzz for the film and it immediately generated Oscar talk, which is always helpful. Additionally, critics revealed that the film was just as good for kids as it was for adults.

The other factor that made it a success was the fact that the film was by Pixar. The brand has been successful ever since it’s 1995 “Toy Story”. Every Pixar film has grossed over $100 million and for the most part has been well received.

It also helped that critics noted that the Inside Out" was a comeback for the company. The company’s last three films -- “Cars 2,” “Monsters University” and “Brave” -- all had backlash, particularly “Cars 2,” which received the worst reviews of any Pixar film ever made. Most believed the quality of the company had gone down and that it would turn into a factory of sequels. “Inside Out” scored some of the best reviews for Pixar and even some said it was the best film from the company yet.

It also helped that Pixar waited two years for the release and it created an anticipation that fans had not seen in years as the company had been on a roll of releasing films ever year. The two-year gap really created buzz and helped create excitement.

“Inside Out’s” good box office is without a doubt good news for studios because it proved that original ideas can sell. However, it also showed that original concepts have to be backed up by good reviews. Films likes “Jupiter Ascending” and “Tomorrowland” received backlash and bad criticism. Word-of-mouth was poor and, as a result, they flopped. “Inside Out” was the complete opposite. It will now be interesting to see how Pixar’s next film “The Good Dinosaur” performs when it is released in November.

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