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'Gotham' TV Show Cast & Season 2 Spoilers: Sophmore Season Will Focus More on Bruce Wayne's Transformation Into Batman

First Posted: Jun 22, 2015 04:45 PM EDT

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The upcoming season of "Gotham," the Batman-origin series, will delve deeper into the mythology surrounding Batman and it will continue to gather and exhibit his future enemies and allies.

Season 2 of Gotham will proceed with its exploration of crime and transformation. During the initial season, this was revealed via the scope of the corrupt Gotham police department and Detective James Gordon. However, the new season will likely boost Bruce Wayne's transformation into Batman from minor subplot to a major focus, in reaction to those who believed the initial season failed to focus on adolescent, pre-crusader Bruce Wayne.

The expansion of Wayne's universe will become apparent as new criminal elements, such as Dr. Victor Fries, A.K.A. Mr. Freeze, are introduced into the hit series. Likewise, Amygdala and a "pre-embryonic" Joker will be a key part in the coming season.

"The beginning of season two is a big Joker-oriented, or 'how the Joker came to be' kind of story," Heller told ComicBook in an interview. "The beginning of season two is the very earliest origins of how The Joker came to be."

Heller also told the Hollywood Reporter, "We're going to find out how the hell Jerome, the proto-Joker we met earlier in this season, connects with the Joker as people known him. That's the big focus of the beginning of the second season. We're going to tell the story of how the Joker came to be."

Lucius Fox, an ally to Bruce Wayne, will also appear during the sophomore season, helping to guide Wayne as he investigates the activities of Wayne Enterprises. Lucius Fox will train and mentor Wayne, and will help him to manage the many challenges that have arisen since his parents were murdered before his eyes in an alleyway.

The second season of Gotham will air in the fall on Monday evenings on FOX.

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