It's to be noted that Jennifer Lawrence has a serious crush on Nicholas Brody, aka Damian Lewis. Lawrence had a memorable run-in with the Homeland star at last weekend's Screen Actors Guild Awards. While it would be totally awesome to see J. Law appear in a Homeland episode, that will never happen. She's a little bit busy with The Hunger Games, after all. That being said J. Law is seriously behind on Homeland. While season 3 ended this past December, Lawrence has only seen the first two seasons! Thus, she didn't even know that Brody was killed in the season 3 finale via hanging.

What did Showtime president David Nevins say about the third season's shocking finale?

"I thought it was clever and really audacious. We also knew we were headed for a major reset," Nevins said to TV Guide Canada at TCA '14.

Speaking of season 3 ending, what can Homeland fans like Lawrence expect from season 4 of Showtime's hit series? There are so many questions swirling around the upcoming season and only a few answers. For starters Carrie Mathison, played magnificently by actress Claire Danes, has been given a promotion and will be relocating to Istanbul, Turkey to become the Islamic city's station chief.

"The show is about a field operative and we haven't seen her [Mathison] out in the field being an operative," Nevins remarked.

Spoiler alert: Mathison is preggers with the late Brody's baby. How will the bipolar, high strung CIA agent deal with a children? Will the birth of her son or daughter push her over the edge? Could she actually give the child up? According to Zap2It, nothing has been decided regarding giving up the child for adoption, or keeping the baby and raising the kid herself.

How will Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) figure into the new season? The one-time CIA director was forced out of his position and now finds himself as a powerful contractor. Could we see Mathison's mentor join her in Istanbul, Turkey for an assignment or two?

"He'll be central. He'll be important" said Nevins.

Are you looking forward to the return of Homeland or do you think it's gotten too melodramatic? Let me know in the comments section below.