Just when you thought the summer couldn't get any hotter, Hulu's original, Emmy-nominated series "East Los High" Season 3 will be sure to sizzle on the small screen as it returns on July 15.

"East Los High" star Ashley Campuzano, who plays Tiffany Ramos, a member of the school's dance team "The Bomb Squad," recently spoke with Latin Post in an exclusive interview about her role as well as the exciting new season.

Needless to say, Season 3 is full of drama, twists and turns lesson about life, lust and love -- not to mention a new co-ed Bomb Squad with new moves to further heat things up!

"We take it up a notch. We go to more dance competitions and have a dance battle," she told Latin Post. "There are more exciting things in store. We do more hip-hop and street. We also incorporate salsa this season, which is my favorite."

This season also welcomes a lot of new faces including singer/actress Christina Milian, Oscar-nominated actress Catalina Sandino Moreno and Revolution's JD Pardo.

Milian will play Liliana, a music producer at R&R Records who reportedly becomes Camila's (Vannessa Vasquez) mentor. She features The Bomb Squad in a music video that she is producing.

"It was really cool working with her. She is a great down-to-earth person and she is really awesome at what she does," Campuzano added.

As far as love and sex are concerned, Campuzano said that a scare rocks her to the core and makes her reassess her morals and values.

"'East Los High' covers a lot of topics out there that other shows don't," she said. It's important for teenagers because they need to learn that there are consequences to their actions and that you need to take care of yourself."

In Season 3, Tiffany has a revelation that could ultimately lead her to true love.

"This season she is grown up and learning from her mistakes and learning to take care of herself more," she explained. 

There are also a lot of strong characters and newcomers to the show who provide important life lessons. While Campuzano doesn't have many scenes with the award-winning Moreno, she soaked up her presence on set.

Moreno plays Carmen, who is connected to Tiffany though The Bomb Squad. Carmen is "the strong and loving mother of the Bomb Squad's new heartthrob, Eddie (played by Carlito Olivero).

The show also highlights the struggles of undocumented immigrants, a topic that resonates for the cast as well.

"We actually did have one person that was undocumented on the cast, but he is documented now," she explained. "A lot of us on the cast know someone who is in that situation. I think that is a heartfelt, touchy subject. I think that it will definitely catch viewers' attention."

This topic also hits home for the Southern Californian native, who is of Mexican descent and speaks fluent Spanish. 

"People are coming here to just find work. For example, my mother came there from Mexico and she was undocumented but she is a citizen now," she pointed out. "She worked so hard and had to go through the whole process."

Campuzano, who was born in the U.S., didn't have to face the same hardships that her mother did when she started her career. Instead, she was able to fully pursue her passion for the performing arts.  At 8, she began dancing and cheerleading for local teams. Four years later, the energetic and active kid was discovered by a scout at a mall, which soon kicked off her career in the entertainment biz.

The impressionable actress has held titles as Miss Teen Downey in 2007, Miss Teen California Latina in 2008, and also competed in the national competition for Miss Teen U.S. Latina, the Miss Teen California USA pageant and placed in the Top 15.

Campuzano, who also shared her thoughts with Latin Post about Donald Trump, was an official CHIVAS girl for the professional MLS team CHIVAS USA and graduated from California State University of Los Angeles in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in Communications.

Hulu's "East Los High" Season 3 returns on July 15.