If you had the chance to do it all over again and re-start your life but in another body, would you take the risk?

In "Self/less," a provocative psychological science fiction thriller, billionaire industrialist Damian Hale (played by Academy Award-winner Ben Kingsley) is faced with this moral and ethical dilemma, yet he is enthralled by the science behind it and the idea to have another shot at life.

Dying from cancer and haunted by feelings of guilt from being an absent father, he's convinced to undergo a radical medical procedure (also called "shedding") that transfers his consciousness into the body of a healthy young man (played by Ryan Reynolds).

He was led to believe that the healthy young man had passed away, but to the contrary -- the healthy vessel that he was transferred to wasn't empty. Instead, it was that of a living person who happens to be a father and a husband to Madeline (played by Natalie Martinez).

After the procedure, Damian who is now called Edward (Reynolds) is compelled to uncover the mystery of the body's origin while combating the secret organization that will kill to protect its cause.

"To live forever seems like it would be a sentence. I wouldn't want to do that. ... I think for a lot of people that's wish fulfillment," Reynolds said during a press conference in New York on Tuesday. "I think "Self/less tackles it in an interesting way, there's a real kind of moral argument..."

A version of "shedding" could be closer to reality than many might think.

"I read some compelling science that suggested that this is something that we could actually achieve -- and not in an insignificant amount of time either," he said. "I find the whole concept of it disturbing that we would so abuse this first life and privilege and that we would be so arrogant to ask for a second one.

"It raises so many questions," he added. "For some people it's a moral issue, for some a theological issue and for some people it just sounds awesome."

It seems that some wealthy and ambitious people in the Big Apple might not be "derailed by a moral journey" like Edward (Reynolds) had been in the film.

While the producers were scouting luxurious New York City pent houses for Kingsley to shoot in, New York billionaires were intrigued by the idea of "shedding" and honestly asked "Is that possible?" according to Reynolds.

Morals aside and hypothetically speaking, who would Reynolds want to swap bodies with?

"That is a tough one. Obviously, if I had gunned ahead and had to do this then I would I would probably want to make it a little funky," he told Latin Post. "I would probably go back and do it differently. I wouldn't immediately pick LeBron James. ... I would probably go as a woman, why not?

"If I am going to go another round, I may as well. ... Half the people on the planet are women. I may as well try it out. I would jump right in the skin of Elizabeth Warren (U.S. Senator for Massachusetts - D), maybe, and run for office. Maybe do something amazing. It would be pretty cool to see what's that's like."

Check out the official trailer for "Self/less"