Floyd Mayweather is putting his boxing fate in our hands -- sort of.

The world famous undefeated boxer asked fans via social media which boxer he should face next.

"I'm going to let the fans vote. Tell me who I should fight next. Khan or Maidana?" He wrote on multiple social media accounts including Twitter and Instagram.

Mayweather is 45-0 and his last matchup was against Canelo Alvarez, a fight that continued the five-division world champion's streak.

Perhaps the most interesting part about Mayweather's question to the fans is the fact that he very specifically narrowed his possible opponents down to only two. Had he asked an open-ended question, fans might be steered towards convincing him to fight against Manny Pacquiano, who has struggled as of late.

Amir Khan, a 27-year-old British boxer and a two-time world champ, has 3 losses to go along with his 28 victories -- 20 of which were knockouts.

Interestingly enough, although Mayweather can be vocal on social media -- as we saw this week -- he is rather silent on his website but uses photos to help provide fans with a wealth of photographs in which he stands alongside the likes of Justin Bieber, Michael Strahan, and the list goes on and on.

In other news with the boxing star, Mayweather found himself embroiled in a rumor that he bet $10 million on the Super Bowl matchup between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks, which took place in New York this past weekend. He denied these rumors that continued to swirl around the web and he retweeted some messages of support, such as this one from Sam Laird: "No, @FloydMayweather Did Not Lose $10.4 Million on the Broncos."

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