NBA free agency began with a bang, and most of the high profile name players have already been signed. Still, there are a few players left unsigned who can an NBA roster in multiple ways.

Here are the top five free agents left.

1. J.R. Smith

By now everyone knows that J.R. Smith made a big mistake opting out of his contract that would have guaranteed him more than $6 million with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers are still the front-runners to sign Smith as he did play a critical role in their playoff success last season. He's a wildly inconsistent shooter, but Smith has shown he can light it up when he gets on a role. Last postseason Smith was the leading three point shooter on the Cavaliers after the New York Knicks trade. Smith turns 30 years old next month.

2. Carlos Boozer

He gets criticized quite a bit, but the truth is, Carlos Boozer is still a pretty darn good player. Last season Boozer scored just 11.8 points per game, his fewest since his rookie season when he was with the Cavaliers. Regardless, Boozer is still a reliable rebounder, and he did play in more than 70 games with the Los Angeles Lakers last year. He's not the same Boozer we all remember with the Utah Jazz, but a team could acquire him for a small price with bench help in mind. Boozer is also a good free throw shooting power forward.

3. Glen Davis

It's pretty surprising that Glen Davis is still a free agent. He's not a great scorer, but Davis has proven numerous times that he can make a big difference off the bench. He's a very hard worker, and he did appear in 74 games for the Los Angeles Clippers last regular season. Davis made more than 45 percent of his shots from the field last year, and he did average 6.7 rebounds per 36 minutes played. "Big Baby" Davis recently said he wants to play for a title contender according to reports, so the Clippers are still a possibility.

4. Ray Allen

The greatest three point shooter in NBA history is still technically a free agent. Ray Allen took last year off to spend time with his family and rest up. Allen recently said " I won't officially retire." The San Antonio Spurs and Cavaliers are the favorites to land Allen. The Spurs have always been a great team at adding older player who can shoot, and the Cavaliers have LeBron James. James and Allen have worked great in the past dating back to their Miami Heat days.

5. Hedo Turkoglu

Hedo Turkoglu had been involved in rumors with the Sacramento Kings, but recent reports have shown the Kings have "no interest" in signing him. Turkoglu is 36 years old, but he can still help a team from beyond the arc. Turkoglu appeared in 62 games last season and shot an impressive 43 percent from downtown. Turkoglu has shot above 43 percent from three point range the last two years. At this point in his career Turkoglu is pretty much a rebounding liability, but his stroke could be beneficial for a few teams. It's unlikely the Clippers will re-sign Turkoglu.

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