A white supremacist living in California has been sentenced for 26 years-to-life for the murder of a child molester he befriended years earlier in prison. The man's wife, who was also charged with the murder, received a lesser prison sentence of eight years.

Charles Francis Gaskins, 48, pled no conest back in March for the 2009 murder of Neil Hayes. Gaskins' wife, Sandra Sheaves, 43, who also took part in the murder was convicted as an accessory to the crime and received eight years in prison for her part.

During a previous stay in prison, Gaskins became a member of a jailhouse white supremacist gang called the "Peckerwoods." As a Peckerwood, Gaskins was mandated to physically harm or kill any other white person with a history of child molestation.

In 2009, Gaskins, who was on parole, was living with Sheaves in a home that she owned in Carmichael. Gaskins was contacted by Hayes, a man that he had befriended while serving time at the Deuel Vocation Institution. Hayes had recently gotten out of prison and was looking for a place to stay. Gaskins agreed to let Hayes move in with him and his wife, not knowing anything of Hayes' sexual predilection for minors.

After Hayes moved in, Sheaves researched the 66-year-old man on the Internet and discovered through the Megan's Law Web site that Hayes was a registered sex offender. Sheaves took that information and passed it on to Gaskins.

As a result, on or around June 30th Gaskins confronted Hayes in the garage of Sheaves' home, which led to him picking up a rock and repeatedly bashing Hayes in the skull with it. When Sheaves saw the beating taking place she proceeded to help Gaskins tie Hayes up and makae sure he was dead before the two of them put him in the trunk of their vehicle and eventually disposed of his body on the side of the road near Placerville.

As part of Gaskins' no-contest plea, he asked the district attorney's office to be lenient with Sheaves. The DA complied and allowed Sheaves to plead no contest for accessory to murder. Sacramento Superior Court Judge Sharon Lueras agreed with the plea deal and sentenced Sheaves to just eight years because it would make it easier for her to send Gaskins to prison.

"In a way, you almost instigated this, by showing the information from Megan's Law to Mr. Gaskins," Lueras said to Sheaves at the sentencing.

Thanks to Gaskins, who will remain in prison for a very long time, Sheaves is due to be released in 66 days due to time served, according to her lawyer.