Many people may have heard about the civil war that is threatening Syria, how there is very little international defense for the civilians and rebels who oppose the government and are being waged war on by Bashar Al-Assad's state which refuses to relinquish power. The situation in Homs has received major media attention as the government besieged it and prevented supplies from reaching it, leading to a major refugee situation which has seen thousands of refugees displaced and fleeing across the border to Jordan.

What many may not know is the extent to which the civil war and lack of rule has contributed to the destabilization of the country as a whole. One example is extremist factions who have taken action into their own hands and are militant, vying for control over the state as the government forces are in disarray and the civil war takes its toll. One such group to have made the news lately, known as Isis, is a pro-Al Qaida jihadist group that has taken over parts of Syria.

The group was formed in April 2013 and branched off of Al Qaeda's organizations in Iraq, still working closely with the main terrorist network and has become the Syrian arm fighting government forces in Syria, extending the control of the terrorist network as a whole and destabilizing a country, making life difficult for many Syrians. Isis is comprised of thousands of fighters including many foreign jihadists, where non-Syrians potentially comprise most of the group although they will actively recruit in Syria by promising material rewards and power.

Media reports from the country say that a Syrian girl by the name of Fatoum Al-Jassem has been stoned to death for opening and using a Facebook account, according to Sharia law in Al-Regga, one of the areas the Isis group currently occupies and rules over. The group claims that using the social networking site is was immoral behavior, an infraction that deserves to be punished the same way as adultery, by stoning. Isis has imposed extremist Islamic rule of Sharia Law over its jurisdictions, which include requiring women to cover up and prohibited from seeing male doctors or even leaving home without a male relative.