September is here. By now the best NBA free agents have already been re-signed or have found new homes with new teams. LaMarcus Aldridge is now with the San Antonio Spurs, Jeremy Lin is with the Charlotte Hornets, and Rajon Rondo is a member of the Sacramento Kings.

There are still a few notable free agents remaining unsigned.

One of the prominent free agents still available is power forward Glen Davis. Davis has played the last year and a half for the Los Angeles Clippers, primarily off the bench. Last season Davis played 74 games for the Clippers helping the team get to the second round of the playoffs. Davis won't demand top dollar, but he does have championship experience, and he is a good free throw shooter for a big man.

According to multiple reports, the Clippers are still "interested" in bringing Davis back for another season. The complication here is roster space and money. The Clippers made a great move by signing Paul Pierce and Josh Smith, so they may not have a big need for Davis. Davis, still just 29 years old, appears to like playing in Los Angeles, but wants more money than the Clippers are offering. Last season he made "only" $1.2 million from the Clippers in base salary.

The Clippers may have to make a move sooner rather than later. Another Western Conference team is showing interest in Davis. That team is the Dallas Mavericks.

The Mavericks had a very disappointing offseason after DeAndre Jordan decided to go back to the Clippers after somewhat agreeing to sign with the Mavericks. Center Tyson Chandler left the Mavericks for the Phoenix Suns on a four year deal. The Mavericks can definitely offer Davis more money per season, but does Davis really want to play for them?

Davis has said multiple times this offseason that he is open to playing overseas, possibly in China.

Jason Terry recently re-signed with the Houston Rockets, and J.R. Smith re-signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Speaking of the Cavaliers, they have a big decision to make this offseason. Tristan Thompson has just one year remaining on his contract, and he may not return after next season. A month ago it looked as if the two sides agreed on a deal, but no such long term contract has been met. According to league reports, Thompson rejected an $80 million offer from the Cavaliers because he wants a max contract.

That same report indicated that a max contract for Thompson would cost the Cavaliers $94.3 million. That's a lot of money. As of now Thompson is on the Cavaliers roster with a $6.7 million qualifying offer. More than likely Thompson will remain with the Cavaliers as a restricted free agent this upcoming season, and next year will be his potential big contract year.

Thompson's agent, Rich Paul, believes the Toronto Raptors will be willing to offer the max contract for Thompson next summer. It is important to note that Thompson was born and raised in Toronto, Canada.

Thompson was a fantastic rebounder for the Cavaliers last postseason helping them reach the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors. Last postseason Thompson averaged more than 10 rebounds per game, 6.4 of which were offensive rebounds. LeBron James has voiced his opinion numerous times on Thompson in hopes of the Cavaliers re-signing him.

The only questions now are: is Thompson worth a max contract, and will the Cavaliers give it to him?

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