Arnold Schwarzenegger's son may not be as physically imposing as his old man, but that doesn't mean he's going to back down from a confrontation.

Patrick Schwarzenegger, 19, was booted from the Los Angeles nightclub The Sayers Club on Saturday for his rowdy behavior and threatening remarks. He was also not supposed to even be in the club, which is a 21-year-old and up establishment.

"[DJ Valadez] told him nicely a few times to please be careful because he kept bumping into [his equipment]," a source told Us Weekly. "I guess Patrick became annoyed so he started throwing ice at him. At this point one of the cocktail waitresses noticed it was Patrick Schwarzenegger and alerted the team who he was and that he was underage."

He didn't stop there, however. The aspiring actor and son of former bodybuilding champ, actor, and California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger continued to cause a scene at the nightclub. At one point he even became very threatening.

"I'm gonna beat the f--k out of the DJ," he said repeatedly. "He kicks everybody out of his table, losing money for the club, losing money for the owner."

Eventually the young Schwarzenegger was escorted away from the building, and after sufficiently berating the club to anybody who would listen on the street, he attempted to get a lift from a nearby SUV, but was denied.

Since the incident, Schwarzenegger has attempted to repair his public image, one that is severely damaged after online blogs picked up the story and began accusing him of becoming another typical Hollywood brat. He has since tweeted several times on the subject:

"Excuse my language. I apologize," followed by "Live and learn, hoe everyone has a blessed day."