According to authorities, a plastic surgeon in Miami was accused Wednesday of aggravated assault against his girlfriend on April 21st. The cause of the incident? An argument stemming from something the woman posted on Facebook.

Orlando Llorente, 41, is now facing serious allegations in the case. He is being charged with one count of attempted murder and kidnapping during an incident that police say stretched out over the course of 16 hours.

"He became enraged, grabbed her by the hair, took her into the bathroom, and not only stuck her head inside the toilet, but then put her in the tub and was able to get a rag and stuff it down her mouth," Miami police spokeswoman Kenia Reyes said.

Allegedly, Llorente proceeded to threaten the girlfriend, 36-year-old Leanna Sauma, saying that he would kill her. He also punched her several times in the face and banged her head against the bathroom floor as well. Sauma suffered minor injuries during the attack.

Police did not disclose what was said in the Facebook post that supposedly caused Llorente to lash out in such a manner. Sauma was only let go after she promised her boyfriend that she would not tell anyone about what had happened.

Llorente's lawyer, Marcos Beaton, vehemently denies that his client had any wrong-doing in the case, and claims that the allegations against him are entirely false. He claims that Llorente is eager to clear his name.

"Dr. Llorente voluntarily surrendered to authorities ... and is resolute on clearing his name," Beaton wrote. "He reached out to law enforcement, through his lawyers, when these false allegations surfaced. We are disappointed that our requests for more time in which to present a thorough and thoughtful examination into the source of the allegations and the facts surrounding them was declined."