When you are considered "the biggest drug lord of all time" and make Forbes' top billionaires list, you pretty much always get what you want through power and corruption -- even when it comes to matters of the heart.

Case in point, the newly arrested Mexican drug lord, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman ("Shorty" Guzman), who managed to kill, traffic drugs and bribe his way to freedom (from jail in a laundry basket), and yet he still managed to marry the apple of his eye, 24-year-old former beauty queen, Emma Coronel, who gave birth to their twin girls in the U.S.

Coronel first caught Guzman's attention when she entered the regional Miss Coffee and Guava beauty contest, according to The Los Angeles Times. It was there that he made his interest known, and she was crowned queen of the pageant. Some reports even allege that Guzman paid off pageant officials to ensure her win. After courting her, the couple married a few months later.

So who is Mrs. "El Chapo," the woman behind one of the most notorious drug lords who had a $5 billion bounty placed on his head by the U.S.?

According to ABC News, Coronel, a dual US-Mexican citizen, made headlines in 2011 when she traveled to California to give birth to twin daughters, the LA Times adds. She then reportedly returned with her daughters to Mexico.

Last weekend, the life that the couple once knew was no longer -- and while El Chapo was reportedly preparing a quiet and cozy breakfast at a residence in Mazatlán, a coastal resort town in Mexico popular with Americans, the authorities came in and put 'a raid on their parade.'

A 13-year-long manhunt came to an end when authorities smashed down the door of the fourth-floor condo. While they anticipated an exchange of gunfire and possible bloodshed, Guzman attempted to flee through a network of tunnels accessible through a hatch under his bathtub. However, Mexican Marines, in collaboration with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, managed to pull off a successful operation and captured Guzman alive and well.

Guzman's influence spanned around the globe and his influence surpassed Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. The Chicago Crime Commission gave him the eye-brow raising title of "Public Enemy Number One," which conjures comparisons to the infamous gangster Al Capone, who made his criminal mark in history during the '30s.

According to Pop Sugar, there are five things (listed below) that the public has learned about Mrs. "El Chapo," which reveal that she has an interesting and is allegedly already "linked to the crystal meth trade."

  • In 2007, at the age of 17, Emma won a very specific pageant: the Miss Coffee and Guava beauty contest. El Chapo apparently fell for her then and helped get her the crown.
  • She married El Chapo on her 18th birthday in an opulent party thrown in the highlands of Central Mexico. He was 47 at the time. She is either his third or fourth wife, as reports vary.
  •  She is the niece of one of Guzman's former top deputies, Ignacio "Nacho" Coronel Villarreal, who is now dead. With a nickname out of Breaking Bad, "The King of Crystal" is known for upping the use of crystal meth across the world. He was killed during a shootout with the Mexican Army, during which he killed a soldier. About $7 million in cash was found in the home where he was killed.
  • Emma is a U.S. citizen, born in California to an American mother. Thus, she can travel back and forth from Mexico freely.
  •  She gave birth to twin girls on Aug. 15, 2011, in LA county. On the birth records, the father's name was left blank. During her trip to Southern California, US officials kept tabs on Emma, but they couldn't arrest her, because there were no charges.