Beyoncé just can't get enough of her baby daughter Blue Ivy, as it is evident in her latest candid footage, which was filmed during one of her recent rehearsals for this year's Grammy Awards.

What does it take to melt Queen Bey's heart? Simply her two-year-old tot to utter some words, especially the word "mommy." The R&B singer's team behind her successful self-titled album recently took to the Instagram account to release a short clip of the priceless moment. "Blue Ivy saying #Surfboard & 'Hi Mommy' during Beyoncé's Grammy rehearsal. (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart)," the following caption reads.

The newly released video features Mrs. Carter rehearsing her hit song "Drunk in Love" featuring her rapper husband Jay-Z. The 32-year-old hitmaker shows off her natural, short curly ombre hair, while displaying her slimmed-down sculpted physique in a scantily clad black bodysuit. Blue Ivy then interrupts her mom by chiming in with the lyrics, "surfboard."

"Hi Blue Blue," the proud parent responds with a big smile on her face, as she stood on stage with her choreographer Frank Gatson Jr., who was filling in the spot for her Jay Z only for the rehearsals.

"Hi mommy," Blue Ivy replies back, which causes the "Partition" singer to close her eyes at the adorableness of the moment. Although it is unclear as to whether Blue Ivy's voice was pre-recorded or spontaneous, it still created a cute, heart-melting memory for Beyoncé.