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iOS 9.0.2. Jailbreak to Arrive By End Of This Month? [NEWS UPDATES]

First Posted: Oct 10, 2015 04:34 PM EDT

Photo : Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Within the past month, Apple has released the iOS 9, 9.0.1 and 9.0.2, while a jailbreak for the new operating system has been promised to be well on the way.

With the iOS 9.1 expected by the end of this month, jailbreak gurus TaiG and Pangu have slated their crack to come later this month as well. Word on what the jailbreak will provide have been scarce, but veteran jailbreaker K33n has been rumored to also be involved.

It's been expressed that jailbreakers are now facing a whole new demon with the new iOS 9 Kernel Patch Protections that are largely supposed to deter this practice.

"Lets say you have a vulnerability that leads to code execution in the kernel," Bassen told iDigitalTimes. "If you want to do things like a jailbreak you have to patch the kernel. This new protection has checksum checks on certain regions of the kernel so when you try to patch something the system will panic."

Users who have already updated their devices to the new operating system are now stuck with until further notice, as Apple has enacted a new feature that disallows users to downgrade from iOS 9. Jailbreaker Luca Todesco has only recently found a jailbreak for iOS 8.4.1 which he's proudly shared with the world via Twitter.

The best option users have until the iOS 9 jailbreak is to use Cydia substrate available for download from Pangu 9. It allows the use of hundred thousands of free tweaks. Given the app's inability to be downloaded directly on a non jailbroken device, Pangu has hidden Cydia within other apps on the site.

After a user downloads a certain app, all they must do afterwards is use it for a short duration of time, restart their phone, and Cydia should then be found as an icon on your home screen, ready for use.

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