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'Equals' Release Date & Plot: Kristen Stewart's New Movie Airing on DirecTV

First Posted: Oct 21, 2015 08:36 AM EDT
'Equals' Premiere - 72nd Venice Film Festival

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Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult's "Equals" will be coming to cable before hitting the theaters.

According to a report from Gossip Cop, the sci-fi romance recently got picked up by DirecTV so it will air on the cable service before the theatrical release.

This might seem like a non-traditional method of film release, but it's been a growing trend even among the high-profile indie movies. Other films that have gotten the DirecTV treatment include "Dark Places" that also featured Hoult, "Mississippi Grind," "The Captive," "Enemy" and "Barely Lethal," Gossip Cop reported.

While the film debuted at the Venice Film Festival last month, theatrical distribution of "Equals" will be by indie label A24.

DirecTV has not yet confirmed the premiere date for "Equals."

"Equals" is set in a world where all types of emotion have been eliminated. While many maintain a drone-like existence of going through the motions, there are those who begin to experience feelings. These outliers are diagnosed with Switch On Syndrome or SOS; some are exiled from their safe reality.

Co-workers Silas (Hoult) and Nia (Stewart) find themselves in danger when they fall in love with each other. In hopes of creating a better life, the couple entertains thoughts of escape to possibly find a world where the two of them can be together.

"Equals" stars Stewart, Hoult, Guy Pearce and Jacki Weaver.

According to a previous report from Latin Post, Stewart talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the understated complexity of the Drake Doremus film.

"One of the reasons I was so intimidated by this movie is because I was like, 'This is gonna hurt. I don't want to think about all that,'" she said. "It's good, it's cathartic, it's worth it. I feel good now on the other side of it. But at first I was like, 'Oh God.' If we do this right it's so basic, it's so fundamental, it's so young."

The "On The Road" actress explained that she and her co-star drew from their own experiences, saying, "Obviously Nick and I are 25. We made the movie nearly a year ago. We're still very close to our first loves. It's definitely something that we both know so well. It was a painful movie to make in every way. It was exuberant, cathartic and at the same time almost too self-reflective. We would go home and be like, 'We seriously need a drink. Let's just stop thinking about everything. Let's not talk. Let's just take a walk.'"

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