The latest Grand Theft Auto Online glitch is a bit different than most, in more ways than one.

Earlier this week, a YouTube user named Glitching Queen uploaded a video called GTA 5 ONLINE - How to be a TRANNY / SHE-MALE / TRANSVESTITE GLITCH.

"Here is how to be a transvestite on GTA 5 online," the video's description reads. "You have a woman's body with a man's head and face."

According to the video, the micro transactions menu can be manipulated so that your character has a head from a different sex than his or her body. The original character must be a female.

Some see the glitch as evidence of flaws in Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto Online design.

"An interesting glitch to say the least, but it brings up the question of Rockstar's decision to not include a detailed character creator in GTA: Online, opting for a weird and limited heritage and lifestyle system to arbitrarily define your character's looks," reports.

The glitch is also getting mixed reactions on GTA Forums, though they are mostly positive. A thread was created this week titled "You can be a Transvestite now! all thanks to this glitch."

"sexual equality is the way to go," Killzone 3265 said.

"This game gets more realistic by the hour," Brock Elvis posted. "Now we know who to target in every session."

"Nice, Im going to give that glitch a shot. I think it's hilarious lol," StewNorth added.

"Clearly there's some mental condition involved to go ahead with such a time wasting glitch.. But oh well, more freaks to kill," iTz-JoNeSy shared.

The glitch, however, is apparently not perfect.

"after i wasted a sh*t load of time doing this glitch, i was a very happy tranny, however, when i found a new session to find my character back to her original boring self, i was not happy at all. basically pointless," sonsie 22 said.

Check out Glitching Queen's instructional video below:

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