The National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) revealed Latinas currently earn an average $0.55 for every dollar a non-Hispanic male makes.

On Tuesday, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chairwoman Linda Sanchez, D-Calif., claimed Latinas were deeply affected by the economic crisis during President George W. Bush's tenure, "caused by what Republicans typically do. They typically give giant tax breaks for the rich at the expense of working class and middle class American families."

Sanchez said that, as a Latina, it is particularly troubling that the national pay average maintained at a low rate. She said Latinas are the most underpaid group in the U.S., which results to earning nearly $23,000 less, per year, due to the wage gap compared to non-Hispanic males.

"$23,000 is some real serious money, that's the difference between being able to put food on the table for many struggling families and having to skip meals everyday," said Sanchez, noting the aforementioned amount, in many places across the country, would be enough for a down payment for a home.

Sanchez said there are a series of proposals that can ease the wage gap, including a federal minimum wage increase, expand paid family leave for every worker, provide more higher education opportunities that may produce more career opportunities for Latinas -- which may include free community college.

The NWLC noted Latinas will need a Bachelor's degree or more if they want to see wages exceed non-Hispanic white men that don't have a Bachelor's degree. With a Bachelor's or higher degree, Latinas could earn $50,952, which is considered "essentially the same" was non-Hispanic white men.

A Latina without a high school degree would earn an average $21,011, significantly lower than non-Hispanic white men's average of $35,961, who also did not graduate high school.

Based on current wage gap statistics, Latinas will lose more than $1 million dollars over the course of 40 years.

While some Latinas dominate certain occupations, they still earn lower wages than men. NWLC stated Latinas working as customer service occupations make $0.75 cents for every dollar paid to a non-Hispanic white male. As a personal care aide, an industry considered as "heavily female, low-wage occupation," Latinas make $0.77 cents for every dollar.

Perhaps ironically, states with significant Latino populations were listed among the "Ten Worst States for Latinas' Wage Equality." Topping the list is California, where Latinos -- overall -- are the majority. California, home of Sanchez's 38th Congressional District, pays Latinas an average of $30,078 in for working full-time and throughout the year, while non-Hispanic white men earned at least $69,004, based on 2013 data.

Texas, where 38.6 percent of the population is Latino, ranked third, paying Latinas nearly $26,196. Although the average Latina earnings in Texas is lower than California, the wage gap is higher in the Golden State at $0.56 cents vs. $0.55 cents in the Lone Star State.


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