Sony finally unveiled its PS Plus free games list for November 2015, after delaying more than once and being accidentally preempted in its announcement by a Dutch game retailer. Here's the list -- better late than never.

PlayStation Plus Free Games: November 2015

PlayStation 4

The Walking Dead Season 2 and Magicka 2

We previously reported on the accidental leak of PS Plus's free PlayStation 4 games for November 2015 by a Dutch game retailer on Twitter, and it turned out to be correct.

The PS+ leak was based on an advertisement that was tweeted on Thursday by Games, announcing that Telltale Games' The Walking Dead Season 2 and the addictive coop adventure game Magicka 2 were the two PS4 selections of the month.

Normally, Sony would have already announced the PlayStation Plus games of the month by Thursday, but this time that release was delayed by two days, allowing the Dutch retailer to accidentally preempt the maker of PlayStation. Their tweet was soon deleted after posting, but the cat was out of the bag.

PlayStation 3

Mass Effect 2 and Beyond Good & Evil

Not every PS Plus free game for November was spoiled, though, and PlayStation got to make the announcement of a major AAA title available for the PS3 on Friday: that being Mass Effect 2. In addition PS3 fans will get access to Beyond Good & Evil, the cult action-adventure game by the maker of the Rayman series.

PS Vita

Finally, for the PS Vita this month, PlayStation announced that Dragon Fin Soup and Invizimals would both be free to download for PS Plus members.

In addition, Dragon Fin Soup is available for PS4 and PS3 cross-buy when available, according to Sony's announcement.

That's it for November 2015 on PlayStation Plus. Are you happy with the selection this month? Let us know in the comments!