WWE continues its European tour with its latest "Monday Night Raw" broadcast from Manchester, England. The show will not be live once it airs in the U.S. due to the time zone difference, but either way, fans are expecting news about Seth Rollins.

The show will address Rollins' injury during a Dublin, Ireland, show last week. As a result of his knee injury, Rollins had to vacate the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and could be out of action for up to nine months. Following news of his injury, the WWE announced its next "Survivor Series" pay per view will feature a tournament to crown the new champion.

"I was setting up to do something I've done a million times -- flipping over my opponent while [Kane] was standing on the second [rope]. I landed underneath him and then picked him up for a powerbomb. And for whatever reason, I just landed on the inside of my right foot, instead of flat with my feet and my knee gave," Rollins told WWE.com.

He later added, "It just felt like my knee dislocated and then kind of popped back in. So, I hustled back up and got underneath, made sure my feet were steady and delivered the Powerbomb. Then, I did a self-evaluation real quick to see what was going on. I realized my knee was pretty unstable and noticed that it felt like it was flopping around. I didn't feel like I had a lot of control under it. I was able to move around enough to finish the match, hit a Pedigree and get the win. ... Again, I wasn't in a whole bunch of pain, I just felt like my knee wasn't right. I wasn't really sure of the extent of the damage until the next morning when I got the MRI."

Monday's show should further confirm the format of the tournament and initiate the first steps of its participants.

Romans Reigns was the No. 1 contender to face Rollins at "Survivor Series," but he could get tossed a new hurdle from participating in the tournament to further build his underdog gimmick.

With Rollins' injury and the tournament, the fate for storylines for the Intercontinental Championship and United States Championship is in doubt since the WWE needs Kevin Owens and Alberto Del Rio to build the competition.

WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day will continue their entertainment value with the Manchester crowd, and the trio is expected to honor their fallen captain, Rollins. In the tag team division, The Usos made their comeback and likely to further their momentum with a win against another tag team.

WWE Divas Champion Charlotte officially has her next opponent for "Survivor Series" with Paige. With the show emanating from Paige's home country, she will clearly have the support despite being the heel in the storyline. Paige will likely have a match, perhaps against Alicia Fox or neighboring Ireland's Becky Lynch, to further build her momentum for the pay per view.

One storyline that will not be affected is The Wyatt Family against The Undertaker and Kane. The WWE will likely keep to building the Survivor Series-style tag-team match for the Nov. 22 show.

"WWE Monday Night Raw" airs weekly at 8 p.m. EST on the USA Network.