While summer may not be that close for fans to finally get a glimpse of the upcoming final season of The CW's "Beauty and the Beast," the show recently revealed that it is in its final filming stages and will soon be ready for its summer premiere.

The highly anticipated fourth season of The CW's hit TV series is a sure go since it has been revealed that "Beauty and the Beast" is now almost done filming its last season for the series. Cartermatt reports that although there are only a few updates regarding the developments on "Beaty and the Beast," the show is almost done.

The publication reports that the show will end just in time for the actors to have the chance to grab new projects before the fourth season starts, which also marks the end of their stint in the show.

Although Cartermatt previously reported that the show may be canceled, the publication says that it would just be concluding a great story since there had been a great international appeal from its wide array of audiences.

Meanwhile, Austin Basis, who plays JT in the show, revealed that "Beauty and the Beast" is indeed in its final stages of filming. Basis also mentioned his gratefulness for the show.

"That's a SERIES wrap 4 JT on @cwbatb- It's bittersweet saying goodbye 2 this character. I'll miss him. Onward&Upward," Basis wrote alongside a photo posted on Twitter. Meanwhile, Jay Ryan, who plays Vincent Keller in the show, has also said his goodbyes even though "Beauty and the Beast," which has been filmed in Canada, hasn't premiered yet.

The actor revealed that they only have one final shooting for the fourth season. Ryan wrote on Twitter, "Just touched down in old Montreal for the very final series shoot tomorrow. Such a beautiful city. #batb."

Meanwhile, The CW's president Mark Pedowitz previously announced that "Beauty and the Beast" will be moved to a summer release. "I truly like it as a summer series. One of our stated goals for the network was to have year-round programming. We're doing more and more of this, and having 'Beauty and the Beast' gives us some scripted programming for summer. We are developing other things at this point for next summer. So I plan to keep it there," he said in a statement obtained by Inquisitr last month.

As of the moment, no further details have been revealed regarding the intricate details of the fourth season and how the show will finally come to an end. However, Inquistr previously disclosed that the finale title would be "Au Revoir."