A lot of people are now shifting to the use of electronic cigarettes because they are deemed as the best alternative for regular tobacco cigarettes. According to e-cigarette creators, this is the perfect way for those who want to withdraw from smoking to get started. E-cigs contain a very small amount of nicotine with flavors and other chemicals in small doses. It works by heating the liquid cartridge that will eventually turn into an inhalable vapor. Therefore, instead of producing smoke, only water vapor will come out.

The debate in regards to the use of e-cigs has become bigger in recent years. Manufacturers of e-cigs believe that it is a healthier version compared to regular cigarettes without necessarily sacrificing the taste. On the other hand, some scientists believe that e-cigs still contain a certain amount of nicotine and tar that could be detrimental to health. They also don't believe in the claim that the water vapors coming out of the e-cigs are less harmful compared with regular cigarettes. In fact, there are studies confirming that respiratory inflammation and eye irritation may happen because of the propylene glycol mist which is present in the vapor.

The availability of e-cigs online is also another aspect currently being scrutinized. Many people think that its availability online makes it more accessible to underage smokers. Even if there are no confirmed studies that e-cigs are the better option and are less addictive, manufacturers keep on advertising it that way. Most of the biggest e-cig companies are the cigarette companies themselves.

When it comes to quitting cigarettes, the FDA has not yet released its approval. Therefore, there is no assurance that people who wish to stop smoking may use e-cigs to gradually withdraw from the vice. As of now, everything is inconclusive. No one has conclusive evidence on whether or not e-cigs are perfect alternatives.