Can you wait two more years for the next season of Sherlock? It looks like you'll have to. You heard that right, the co-creator of the hugely popular crime drama series has already confirmed that Sherlock, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, will start its fourth season in 2016. It is that far away because Benedict Cumberbatch and co-star Martin Freeman are extremely popular and very much in demand in Hollywood, landing several other roles and busy schedules.

Mark Gatiss confirmed in a recent interview that Sherlock would continue to air, just that everyone's schedules made it nearly impossible to shoot the series. It has been said that Cumberbatch's magnificent portrayal of the famous detective has made him a super celebrity overnight. Several movies followed after the first season aired, all owing to the very modern and sexy portrayal of the often misunderstood Sherlock.

Earlier, the series' writer, Steven Moffat, told the press that the next seasons of Sherlock had already been planned. Moffat was a guest at a press conference sponsored by the Royal Television Society. As the release date nears, the script will become even more detailed and fans are eagerly awaiting some more juicy leads.

For now, it has been announced that Sherlock's nemesis, Prof. Moriarty will be figuring heavily in the new season. He added that Moriarty's "did you miss me" was not added as an afterthought, but was really part of an elaborate plan to write him back into Seasons 4 and 5. This twist is bound to keep fans of the series on the edge of their seats.

Additionally, the next couple of seasons will see the introduction of more characters. The addition of new people will be an attempt at giving the anti social Sherlock some more human interaction. This, the writers said, is meant at giving Sherlock a more "human" appeal.