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Terrifying Horror Film ‘Bedeviled’ Being Compared to Stephen King’s ‘It’

First Posted: Nov 24, 2015 05:15 AM EST
Saxon Sharbino

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Make sure you have your guard up when you get a chance to sit down and watch the upcoming horror flick "Bedeviled." The movie is being compared to Stephen King's "It" in terms of genuine terror, but will also be in a class of its own for the new generation of terror films.

According to Deadline, the film is expected to boot up a new terror legend for the industry of slasher flicks that may in some way catch on as a staple film for the era.

Details for the film are limited at the moment, given that it is still in the production phase. But fans of the horror genre can consider it part of a wave of horror that will be taking place in the genre.

What is known for the film is that it will star Saxon Sharbino ("Poltergeist," "Touch"), Brandon Soo Hoo ("From Dusk Till Dawn" TV series) and Alexis G. Zall ("Ouija 2").

The three actors will play characters that get caught up in a mysterious app that in some way afflicts them with strange occurrences.

Zall will portray one of the first to download the lethal app that has monstrous effects on her and other people's lives. She is followed up by Sharbino, who downloads the app and will be portraying a lead character in the film. The app itself begins to haunt her and it is up to her to figure what it is and how to get rid of it. She is also a non-believer in the supernatural, so there will have to be a transition for her at some point to reconcile the true nature of what is happening.

Hoo will portray a "class-clown" type of friend to Sharbino. He will also have a girlfriend who wants to be an actress, played by Victory Van Tuyl.

The show comes from Abel and Burlee Vang, who won the Nicholl Fellowship award in 2011.

"Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, these guys are gone and for a different generation," Abel Vang told Deadline who visited them on-set for the production.

"We created a character like Hannibal Lector and The Joker, but in a supernatural film," Burlee Vang told Deadline. "We're reinventing the bogeyman with this app."

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