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States Want Supreme Court to Put Same-Sex Marriage Issue to Rest

States want Supreme Court to put same-sex marriage issue to rest

California Town Approves Medical Marijuana Welfare to Low Income Patients

Lower-income Berkeley residents will be able to get free weed

Experts Say Obama Has 'Legal Authority' to Expand Immigration Relief

Immigration law experts have sent a letter to the White House reassuring President Barack Obama that he has the legal authority to issue executive orders on the immigration crisis.
Unaccompanied Migrants from Central America

11.3 Million Unauthorized Immigrants Live in US, But 'No Sign' of Future Migration Increases

The number of undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. has been stagnant since the recession, and estimates indicate "no sign" of a migration increase.

Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Immigrant Advocates Want Obama to Act on Immigration Before November Elections

On a telephone press conference on Wednesday, Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., and other immigrant advocates urged President Barack Obama to act on immigration immediately in response to reports of a delay.
Battle far from over for U.S. immigrants who get deferrals

Four DACA Recipients Sue Nebraska Over Driver's License Ban

A Nebraska federal judge said earlier this week that she will hear a lawsuit challenging the state over its denial of driver's licenses to immigrants covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.
Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell

Democratic and Independent Candidates Merge Campaigns for Alaska Governor

The gubernatorial race has narrowed in Alaska as two candidates merged their campaigns against incumbent Republican Gov. Sean Parnell.

Texas Local Debt Hits $328 Billion as National Guard Troops Remain Unpaid for Border Control

The Texas Bond Review Board indicated the state's total local debt grew by $5 billion as the Lone Star State is having trouble compensating National Guard troops sent to the border.

Obama Sends 350 Troops to U.S. Embassy in Iraq

President Barack Obama is planning to send 350 troops to the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and its surrounding facilities amid the growing threat of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, known as ISIL or ISIS.

Russia & Ukraine Conflict News, Update 2014: Vladimir Putin, Petro Poroshenko Engage in Peace Talks

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that he and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko could reach a ceasefire agreement as early as this week, even though both sides continued to fight.

Texas' Voter Identification Law Heads to Court

Some saw law discourages minorities from voting

Liberian President Says Ebola Could Become a Global Crisis

The deadly virus continues to spread in West Africa
ted cruz

Ted Cruz Downplays Government Shutdown Option Over Immigration

At the Americans for Prosperity conference, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, downplayed his political party's plans for a government shutdown over the immigration crisis.
lgbt march

Civil Rights Groups Urge Obama to Ensure Executive Action Includes Undocumented LGBT Immigrants

A coalition of Latino, Asian-American and LGBTQ advocacy and civil rights groups have urged President Barack Obama to ensure the LGBTQ community is included in any potential action regarding undocumented immigrants.

McDonald's Fast Food Strike 2014: Workers Planning Biggest Protest Ever?

Fast food employees plan walkout to protest low wages and poor healthcare

US Launches Airstrike Targeting Somali Militants, al-Shabaab Leader Ahmed Abdi Godane

The U.S. military began an operation on Monday against the Somali militant group al-Shabaab, which has links to al Qaeda.
Chris Christie

NJ Gov. Chris Christie to Skip Mexico Border Visit During Economic, Trade Trip

Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is set to arrive in Mexico for a three-day trade talk, but immigration might not be a top priority for the potential presidential candidate.
Michael Brown Protests

Democrats Seek to Use Michael Brown's Death to Rally Blacks to Vote

In light of the upcoming 2014 Midterm Elections, Democrats are reportedly using the outrage over the death of Michael Brown to mobilize African-American voters to come to the polls in Nov.
Senator Mitch McConnell

Jesse Benton, Sen. Mitch McConnell Campaign Manager, Steps Down Amid Scandal

Sen. Mitch McConnell's campaign manager, Jesse Benton, resigned from his position Friday, amid a scandal involving Benton's ties to the 2012 Ron Paul presidential campaign.

California City Council Rejects Statement Showing Support of Humanitarian Efforts Toward Undocumented Immigrants

On Tuesday, the city council of Riverside, California rejected a proposed statement showing the support of humanitarian efforts toward undocumented immigrants.
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