Staten Island grand jury begins deliberations over whether to indict police for death of Eric Garner

Grand Jury Begins Deliberations in Chokehold Death of Eric Garner

The grand jury began deliberations on Monday on whether there should be criminal charges in the case of an African-American who died while being arrested by New York police officers, according to union officials.

Barack Obama Job Approval Rating: Disapproval Rate Slips, Improves on Terrorism and Health Care Policy

President Barack Obama’s approval rating and his handling of health care policies and terrorism improved in recent weeks, but the disapproval rating outweighed the positive gains.

New York Civilian Complaint Review Board Report Leaked to Press

The New York Civilian Complaint Review said it would release a report on the number of chokehold complaints it had received following the chokehold death of Eric Garner in Staten Island in July.
young millennial

Millennials 'Most Liberal' Age Group, Young Republicans Say Immigrants Strengthen US

Millennials have been labeled the "most liberal" generation, and it could affect individuals identifying themselves as Republican.
immigration deportation

Child Migration to US 'Neither Sin or Crime,' Says Guatemala Foreign Affairs Minister at UN

Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly's General Debate, Guatemala's foreign affairs minister said the influx of undocumented immigrant children to the United States should not be considered a crime.
Pakistani Opposition Keeps up Pressure on Prime Minister to Resign

Pakistani Opposition Keeps up Pressure on Prime Minister to Resign

Pakistani opposition leader Imran Khan on Sunday took the campaign to unseat Nawaz Sharif to the prime minister's home base of Lahore, where tens of thousands of people roared their support for change.
France's Far-Right Grabs First Ever Senate Seats

France's Far-Right Grabs First Ever Senate Seats

The far-right National Front won its first ever seats in France's upper house of parliament on Sunday, as President Francois Hollande's Socialist party lost its Senate majority.
Historic, Anxious Handover as Afghanistan Swears in New Leader

Historic, Anxious Handover as Afghanistan Swears in New Leader

Afghanistan inaugurates its first new president in a decade on Monday, swearing in technocrat Ashraf Ghani to head a power-sharing government just as the withdrawal of most foreign troops presents a crucial test.
iphone 6

iPhone 6/Plus Encryption: Passcode Stops NSA Data Extraction, Critics Worry Apple is Protecting Criminals

The OS' unique mathematical algorithm is practically undecodable, but does that make law enforcement more difficult?
British PM 'Kicking Himself' After Saying Queen Purred at Scotland Vote

British PM 'Kicking Himself' After Saying Queen Purred at Scotland Vote

British Prime Minister David Cameron on Sunday apologized for revealing details of Queen Elizabeth's relief that Scotland had voted to keep the United Kingdom intact, saying he was kicking himself very hard for the breach of protocol.

Chelsea Clinton: Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have officially become grandparents.
Central Americans Freed By Border Patrol Depart For Destinations Around The U.S.

Latino Advocacy Group Calls for Votes Against Democratic Senators Who Voted to Delay Executive Action on Immigration Reform

Latino group calls for votes against Democratic senators in key swing states
Egypt Postpones Verdict in Case Against Ex-President Mubarak

Egypt Postpones Verdict in Case Against Ex-President Mubarak

An Egyptian court postponed to Nov. 29 its verdict on whether former president Hosni Mubarak ordered the killing of protesters during the 2011 uprising that ended his 30-year rule.
Gay GOP Candidates

Anti-LGBT Groups Write Letter Attacking 3 Pro-Gay, Pro-Abortion Republican Candidates, Vow to Vote Against Them in November Elections

Three anti-gay groups, NOM, FRC and CitizenLink, have pledged to oppose three Republican candidates in the upcoming elections because of their pro-LGBT views.
Latinos in State Legislative and Senate Increases Following Midterm Elections

National Hispanic Leadership Agenda Releases Congressional Scorecard, Ranks Lawmakers on Immigration, Economics

A nonpartisan coalition of national Latino organizations published a scorecard of the 113th Congress on how lawmakers' votes affected the social, economic and political life of Latinos.

Latino Groups Step up Voter Registration Efforts Over Immigration Reform Inaction

Latino and immigration advocacy groups are busy organizing registration drives, and others are running eduation campaigns. The November elections could be a referendum by voters on the Obama Administration and Congress' failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform.
Jeanne Shaheen

New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen Criticized for 'Appearing Anti-Immigrant,' Missing Senate Hearings

Immigration and terrorism continue to be issues used to attack Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., due to inaction in Congress.
Immigrant Families And Activists Protest Deportations In Front Of White House

Election 2014 Poll Results: Both Democratic and Republican Voters Unhappy With Congressional Handling of Immigration Reform

Just 37 percent of Republican voters and Republican leaners think their party did a good job representing their view on undocumented immigrants. And 56 percent thought they didn't do a good job.
Health and Human Services, Treasury Departments Working to Help Tax Filing Season Due to Affordable Care Act

Uninsured Rates Drop Among Young and Low-Income Latinos After First ACA Enrollment Period

The number of uninsured Latinos has dropped in the U.S., and credit is being given to the Affordable Care Act.
El Salvador President Salvador Sánchez Cerén United Nations General Assembly UN

Immigration to US Needs to be Addressed by United Nations, Says El Salvador President

El Salvador's president spoke before the United Nations about decreasing poverty levels, quality of life and migration of children that's also affecting Central America.
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