Fed-up Bulgarian Voters May Fail to End Political Deadlock

Fed-up Bulgarian Voters May Fail to End Political Deadlock

Bulgarian voters fed up with political deadlock may end up with another shaky coalition after a snap election on Sunday, leaving the European Union's poorest member struggling to resolve a banking crisis and revive growth.
U.S. Secret Service

Man Pretending to Be Congress Member Slips Pass Secret Service at an Event With Obama

There are reports that an imposter managed to swindle his way backstage at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation awards dinner, where President Barack Obama delivered a speech.
detention centers

Allegations of Immigrants Being Sexually Assaulted Leveled Against Texas Detainee Guards

Central American women often running away from sexual violence in their home countries claim women are being sexually assaulted by guards at a Texas detention center, according to a civil rights group.
Joe Biden

Joe Biden: Being Vice President is a 'B---h' [Video]

Known for his colorful candor and word choice, Vice President Joe Biden recently told a college student that the position of VP can be a real "b---h."
John Boehner

House Speaker John Boehner on Latest Unemployment Rate: Democrats Trying to Convince 'Things Are Great'

The overall U.S. unemployment rate fell to its lowest levels in six years, but Republicans are not celebrating the achievement.
Mitt Romney May Run in 2016

Mitt Romney 2016 Presidential Chances: Will the Former Republican Nominee Run Again?

Mitt Romney's latest interview he does not turn down the possibility that he may run in 2016; however, other GOP members do not believe he will run.
Immigration Reform and the Republican Party

Immigration Reform News 2014: GOP Leaders Speak About Broken Immigration System

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus on Thursday urged his party to step past criticism of President Barack Obama's delay on Immigration Reform
Australia announced on Friday that it would be sending six fighter jets to launch airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq.

Australia Joins War Against Islamic State

Officials announce they are sending fighter jets to help the fight
New Poll: Support For Obama Among Latino Millenial Voters Dropping; 'Definite' Millennials Voters Prefer Republican-Controlled Congress

North Carolina Voting Laws Changed: Federal Court of Appeals Reverse Provisions Allegedly Discriminating Low Income Voters

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed two provisions of North Carolina's 2013 voting law that law groups claimed were restrictive against minorities.
Marco Rubio Lindsey Graham

Presidential Elections 2016: Sen. Marco Rubio 'Not Quite Ready' to be President, Says Fellow GOP Senator

Immigration reform could factor the potential presidential run for Sen. Marco Rubio, R-FL, but his recent stance on the issue has soured the view of a fellow Republican senator.
Barack Obama

Immigration Reform Executive Action Between Midterm Elections and End of 2014, Obama Tells Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute

President Barack Obama confronted the immigration system and plans for executive action to Latino attendees at the annual Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Gala on Thursday.
As Midterms Loom, Obama Shifts Spotlight to Economy

As Midterms Loom, Obama Shifts Spotlight to Economy

President Barack Obama tried on Thursday to turn the spotlight on the economy, the issue U.S. voters care about most ahead of November midterm elections, making the case that his policies have steered the country away from the brink of collapse and laid a foundation for growth.

Election 2014 Polls: Voters' Number One Concern Going Into Midterm Elections Surprises Pollsters

An AP-GfX poll asked voters as they head into the mid-term elections what was their main concern from a list to include terrorism, healthcare, social issues, immigration or the economy.
Protests against Secure Communities when the program was first introduced now lawmakers and sheriffs' offices are stopping the program

Immigration Reform News 2014: New York City Council Proposes Bill to Stop Detaining Immigrants Without Warrants

This week, New York City Council speaker, Melissa Mark-Viverito announced she will introduce a bill to end the imprisonment of people without a judicial warrant at Rikers Island prison.

Joaquin Castro on Board, Twin Brother Julián Keeping Quiet About Hillary Clinton Running for President in 2016

Joaquin Castro may be boasting his support for a 2016 presidential run by Hillary Clinton, but his twin brother Julián is staying mum on the subject.
Barack Obama

White House Flaunts 'Fact Sheet' on Obama Administration's Accomplishments for the Latino Community: From Immigration, Health Care and Economics

President Barack Obama has had a turbulent few months with the Latino community due to inaction from Congress on immigration reform and his executive action delay. Despite the setbacks in Washington, D.C., the White House wants to remind the Latino community of the Obama administration’s accomplishments.
Australia announced on Friday that it would be sending six fighter jets to launch airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq.

Iraq Conflict 2014 Update: UN Reports 26,000 Civilian Casualties Stem from Conflict

Nearly 10,000 people have been killed in Iraq in 2014
voter registration vote

Midterm Elections 2014: Rock the Vote Pushes 'Care Like Crazy' Voter Registration Campaign for Millennials

Many national organizations has been pushing voter registration among millennials ahead of the midterm elections in November. Rock the Vote launched its national campaign to register youth ahead of Election Day on Nov. 4.
scott brown marilinda garcia

Republican Candidates Marilinda Garcia and Scott Brown Gain Momentum in NH Polls

GOP New Hampshire congressional candidates Marilinda Garcia and Scott Brown have improved their odds to win their respective races in the Granite State based on new polling data.

Labor Secretary Tom Perez Says Obama's Executive Action Is Guaranteed, Immigration Reform Is 'Not a Question' [Video]

Labor Secretary Tom Perez is standing by President Barack Obama amid his decision to delay executive action on immigration until after Election Day.
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