Black Ops 3, To Surprise Fans, Hints Direct To More Zombie Content

Black Ops 3 To Surprise Fans, Hints Direct To More Zombie Content

Call of Duty: Black Ops III, the multiplayer game from Activision is undoubtedly on the most played online game out there with a separate professional e-sport conducted for the same.

Call of Duty News: Infinity Ward Merges With Tony Hawk Pro Skater Developer Neversoft

Giant Bomb reports that Call of Duty: Ghosts developer Infinity Ward will be joining forces with studio Neversoft, the developer responsible for the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series.

Kevin Spacey Starring In Call of Duty Video Game

Actor appears in video game-form
Call of Duty Predator

COD Lets Players Control Movie Monster 'The Predator'; BF4 Players Discover Super Shark, 'The Megalodon'

Alien predators vs. super sharks: Call of Duty Ghosts and Battlefield 4 both bring monsters with their Devastation and Naval Strike DLC packs.
xbox one

Call Of Duty's DLC 2 Coming In April; BF4 Gamers Unhappy With Ads

Call of Duty: Ghosts gamers have something to look forward to, but not for another few weeks

Microsoft to Launch Xbox One Update, New Titanfall Game to Benefit

The update has many pro-multiplayer features

Free Call of Duty: Ghosts Demo This Weekend For Xbox 360, Xbox One Live

The demo runs March 7-March 10

Call Of Duty Ghosts Unveils New Character Packs For Xbox 360, Xbox One

The latest in personalization packs for CoD

Older Call of Duty Stats Database To Be Phased Out Soon

Considering that there are more Call of Duty games than we can even count, it comes as no surprise that the popular video game series is phasing out the outdated Call of Duty Elite stats system

Battlefield 4 vs. Call of Duty: Ghosts: 'Second Assault' Coming To BF4; Amazon Offers Call of Duty At Lower Price?

Battlefield 4 gamers will be experiencing yet another new dimension of the game starting on Tuesday when "Second Assault" is released for Premium members.
Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 vs. Call of Duty: Ghosts: Which Game Is Better For Online Gameplay?

The question of whether Call of Duty: Ghosts or Battlefield 4 is the better game will rage on until the next series of games are released, but does one game have a clear edge over the other in terms of online gameplay?
call of duty

Call of Duty Ghosts Onslaught DLC Update: New Update Available Now; Should You Buy It?

Call of Duty gamers have been at the edge of their seats, patiently awaiting the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts - Onslaught. This week, however, marks the end of the waiting period.
Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 vs. Call of Duty: Ghosts: New BF4 Patch Coming Next Month?

Battlefield 4 gamers are in for a special treat in the early portion of February, according to one of the game's developers.

PS4 vs Xbox One News, Games, and Availability: Best Accessories To Buy For Next-Gen Consoles

Gamers making the transition to the next-gen game consoles from Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 will find some similar accessories in the PS4 and Xbox One versions, but there are some key differences.
call of duty

Call of Duty Ghosts on Xbox One and PS4: How Next-Gen Versions Compare To Xbox 360, PS3 Versions

Call of Duty: Ghosts is arguably the best game on the market, but is the next-gen version of the game really that much better?
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