Pope Francis Calls the Internet a "Gift from God," Points Out Problems Including the Digital Divide

Latinos are one of the fastest growing segments of internet users, which also happens to be predominantly Catholic. For Catholics, if there was any doubt that Pope Francis like the internet (he tweets from his account @Pontifex), there isn't now: Pope Francis has called the internet a "gift from God."

Dominican Prosecutors Investigate Priest for Child Sexual Abuse

Archbishop and Papal Nuncio Jozef Wesolowski is the latest member of the Catholic faith to face allegations of child sexual abuse. Dominican Republic prosecutors investigating the former man of the cloth have concluded that he sexually abused at least five boys under the age of 15. Santo Domingo, the country's capital city, is where allegations first aired on a local program, stating that Wesolowski paid to have sex with minor boys.

Pope Francis: TIME Magazine's Person of the Year & First Pope from Latin America Resurrects Belief in the Catholic Church

"Resa por mi" (Pray for me), compassionate words spoken in Spanish by Pope Francis, otherwise known as El Papa Francisco, who was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina to Italian parents.

Pope Francis: Gay Priests and Believers 'Not The Problem'

The new pope is making waves with his progressive stance on the future of the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis Brazil Trip Schedule: Weeklong Visit Celebrates Poor, World Youth Day

Pope Francis begins a weeklong visit to Brazil today. The pontiff will visit churches and slums and hospitals in Rio de Janeiro and other parts of the country.

Agnieszka Radwanska Disowned By Catholic Church After Nude ESPN Body Issue 2013 Shoot

Her photo shoot for ESPN's Body Issue has many in the church upset over her alleged lack of morals.

Catholic Church Abuse: New York Cardinal Attempted To Protect $130 Million From Victims of Sexual Abuse

It took six year for the Catholic Church to defrock one of its priests, despite being fully aware of the sexual abuse that had occurred.
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