A Latino Cop Made It His Mission to Help his Community During COVID-19 Pandemic

Latino Cop Makes It a Mission to Help His Community Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

A Latino cop made it a mission to help the people in his community deal with the coronavirus pandemic by educating them.

Reddit Forum for Women Flooded by Internet Trolls, Sparks Outrage, TMI Backlash

TwoXChromosomes, the Reddit community that was constructed as a safe space and discussion board for cisgendered women, transgendered women and any female-identified individuals to address gender-related issues, has recently been met with a bout of misogynistic messages and internet trolls after being made a "default" subreddit. Previously, posters had to seek out the community whose motto is "women supporting women," but the new setting directs all users of the massive internet forum toward 2X content.
Leticia Van de Putte

Leticia Van de Putte, Candidate for Texas Lieutenant Governor, Talks Policy and Parenting

Texas State Senator Leticia Van de Putte, Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor of Texas, centers her life around not only policy, but also celebration — of 23 years of marriage, raising six children and six grandchildren, and a successful pharmaceutical career and business.
Revitalizing Las Parcelas

Hispanics in Philanthropy's HIPGive Contest Invites Latino Community to Give Back

The HIPGive contest, which merges technology and traditional philanthropy, is one of the biggest endeavors launched by the Latino charity juggernaut Hispanics in Philanthropy. The organization is widely recognized for growing a robust network of leaders, givers and members, all with an agenda that includes empowering and advocating for Latinos over a 30-year history of giving. Headed by HIP President Diana Campoamor, HIP has raised $45 million to fund emerging Latino and Latin American nonprofits and has found more than 170 benefactors to match funds, boosting HIP's impact.
High School Students

Yik Yak Social Media App Used to Bully High School Students

The new social media app, Yik Yak, which acts a "virtual bulletin board" has been growing in popularity among college students but for high schools, it often times is used to bully and issue threats to other students.

Richard Montañez: From Janitor to Executive

When Montañez was introduced to the possibility that he could be hired on by the Frito-Lay company, he was already aware that gaining that job could and would feed his destiny. At the Voto Latino Power Summit on April 12th, Montañez shared this story; the origin tale that led to his present day success.
Richard Montañez

The Godfather of Hispanic Branding and Creator of Flamin' Hots Richard Montañez has Wit, Wisdom, and a 'PhD'

Richard Montañez, who's been christened "the godfather of Hispanic branding," is a best-selling author, the inventor of Flamin' Hot Cheetos, the CEO and owner of Adelante Public Affairs & Communications, a former janitor, and an acclaimed motivational speaker. He stepped onto the stage with gusto, putting hundreds of millennials to shame with his unbridled energy at the early hour. Montañez, author of A Boy, A Burrito, and A Cookie, took to the stage, and applause rang for a long while before he spoke. He praised previous speakers before he dove into his own personal story, which began in a Southern Californian town called Gausti.
Small Business Saturday

Latina Entrepreneurs Contribute Billions to American Economy Every Year

Large California-based companies tend to originate as small-scale operations. These companies, driven by founders with outstanding ideas and access to capital, can grow in just a matter of a few short months when guided by individuals who have a strong vision. More and more apparent is the fact that many of these business leaders and entrepreneurs are not white, nor or they male; rather, they are Latina women who have learned how to thrive in a high risk-high reward startup environment.

Spanish-Language March of Dimes Site Offers Incredible Information

"¡Bienvenidos a nacersano y a la familia de March of Dimes!" are some of the welcoming words one might find when encountering the spank brand new, re-launched Spanish-language March of Dimes website; a site that's geared toward providing valuable, life-saving information to Latina mothers and would-be mother who're concerned about loss due to premature labor or birth defects.
AIDS Red Ribbon

HIV/AIDS Awareness & the Hispanic Community

HIV/AID-related illness and death affects the entire community, which is why up-to-date statistics need to be continually produced and awareness needs to be continually drawn to facts surrounding the AIDs crisis and how it unduly impacts people of color.

Latino Charities and Celebrities Empowering the Latino Community Through Philanthropy

The soul of the Latino community rests in its ability to share resources and display an inventiveness that allows it to flourish. The collaborative and communal mentality of Latinos shines when people make contributions to commendable causes that help to fuel innovation, strengthen the youth, and embolden the community at large.
greta gerwig

Female Stars Shocking Fans By Revealing More Than Usual

This week, some of the biggest upcoming female stars surprised their fans by doing the unexpected. From panties to pot, these female celebs broke out of character and went down a shockingly different road. Check out pop culture's latest unexpected twists.
alison brie

'Community' Star Alison Brie Speaks on How She Is a Demon In Bed

A lot of men might dream of sharing a bed with Community star Alison Brie, but they should beware. The actress has a scary past in the bedroom.

HRC Documentary Tells the Story of Five Latino Families Who Learn to Accept a LBGT Loved One

The film, which premiered at the GALA Hispanic Theater in Washington, DC, reveals the story of five religious Latino families who learned to look beyond binding church teachings, in order to accept their daughters, sisters, brothers and sons, whose gender identities or sexual orientations are outside of the norm.
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