The Tex-Mex chain suffers another setback and customers are at risk for identity theft.

'Most' Chipotle Restaurants Hacked By Malware

One more reason to buy authentic tacos.
Hacking Team in Latin America

Latin American Governments Paid This Company to Spy on Their Citizens

The Italian spyware company Hacking Team provided services to governments across Latin America, some of which were used to spy on political dissenters, journalists, and other non-criminal targets, according to a new report.
Obama Signs Executive Order for Silicon Valley Cyberthreat sharing initiative

Obama Announces, Signs, Executive Order for Cyberthreat Cooperation with Silicon Valley

President Obama addressed major Silicon Valley players at Stanford University on Friday afternoon, as part of an official White House summit on cybersecurity and cooperation between the technology industry and the government.
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White House Announces New Agency to Combat Hacking: The Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center

The Obama administration has announced the formation of a new national security agency focused on combatting cyberattacks by facilitating intelligence sharing between government agencies called the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center (CTIIC).
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Most Experts Expect a "Major Cyber Attack" in the Next Decade - Pew

Cybersecurity is an issue that's not going away, and according to a new report from the Pew Research Center, it's likely to only become more critical in the future. Surveying a number of Internet experts, Pew found a consensus that the next decade will be filled with more cyber attacks, with bigger consequences.

A Year Since Edward Snowden: The Five Most Important Things to Know — Part 1

A year ago, Glenn Greenwald at The Guardian published the first of what would become an avalanche of leaks from ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden about the U.S. National Security Agency and the modern world of digital surveillance and spying. Here are the five most important takeaways from a year that changed our perspective on our privacy in the digital age.

In Ukraine Crisis, Looming Threats of a Larger Cyberwar

Cyber attacks between Russia and Ukraine have already occurred, but have reportedly been limited in scope. However, with the propaganda war ramping up and tensions increasing, a threat of a large-scale cyber war looms over the region, just as the threat of a ground war continues.
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FBI Warns U.S. Retailers of More Cyber Attacks Like Target's

After the huge Target credit card breach during the holiday shopping season was announced, several other retailers were reported to have been affected by the same hackers or malware. Now the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation is warning U.S. retailers to prepare for more cyber attacks, as more cases of related to the Target hacking appear.
China's President Xi Jinping

China's Internet Fail: China Blames Hackers, But the Truth Is Much More Ironic

On Tuesday afternoon in China, the internet effectively shut down for more than two-thirds of the country's over 500 million internet users and remained inaccessible for up to eight hours.
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Internet of Things, Refrigerator Hacked: The More We Connect, The More We Must Protect

Just as the "Internet of Things" (IoT) - the interconnected world of appliances, gadgets, medical devices, wearables, and media centers - was just getting off the ground, the first ever cyberattack on smart appliances took place this week, according to security service Proofpoint.
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The Perfect Time for Cyber Attacks: In a Mathematic Formula

Researchers at the University of Michigan have come up with a mathematical model that they say determines the most advantageous time for hackers to launch a cyber attack. The research could be used to help cybersecurity be on the alert at the right time and prepare for future attacks.
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