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Apple Denies Systemic iCloud Flaw in Celeb Nude Hacking Case

After a nearly two-day investigation into the celebrity iCloud photo hacking, Apple has concluded that none of its systems were to blame, saying that the high-profile accounts in question were simply compromised by a hacking attack described as "all too common on the Internet."
LastPass Password manager app

Tap That App: LastPass and Password Management Apps To Secure Your Online Life

This week's Tap That App is all about your life online, and how quickly to protect it from all crashing down at once. It's Tap That App's password manager special!
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This One Snowden Leak Shows Why You Should Care About Every NSA Revelation

Over the weekend, a new detail about the NSA was published, and it shows why every previous NSA revelation leaked by Edward Snowden is relevant and important to everyone.
World Cup 2014 Brazil Cyber Security Gaff

FIFA World Cup 2014: Brazilian Security Command Center Accidentally Shows Wi-Fi Password, Sensitive Info in Press Photo

With nearly $1 billion funding FIFA World Cup 2014 security in Brazil, one newspaper photo poked a hole in Sao Paulo's cybersecurity.
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A Year Since Edward Snowden — Part 2

A year ago, Glenn Greenwald at The Guardian published the first of what would become an avalanche of leaks from ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden about the U.S. National Security Agency and the modern world of digital surveillance and spying. Here are the five most important takeaways from a year that changed our perspective on our privacy in the digital age — part 2.
find my iphone

Apple iPhones, iPads Hacked in Australia: Hacker Turned 'Find My iPhone' Security Feature Against Users

Apple users in Australia were hit by a massive late-night hack that took control of their iPhones, iPads, and even some Mac computers, demanding ransom to unlock the devices again. The "digital kidnapping" seems to be taking advantage of Apple's Find My iPhone feature, turning the security software against its owners.

Threat Level Thursday: What the Chinese Hacked From the U.S., Change Your eBay Password, and Congress Trying to Curb NSA

This week was particularly revelatory in the world of cyber security: the U.S. formally charged five Chinese military officials with cybertheft, eBay announced it was hacked, and it turns out the National Security Agency has been listening to some countries in Central America while the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to try to curb the NSA's practices.
Heartbleed Bug

NSA Denies Prior Knowledge of Heart Bleed Bug

The National Security Agency has denied that it knew about, and exploited, the much-feared Heartbleed bug for two years without informing anyone. The unequivocal denial comes after a Bloomberg News report alleged that the spy agency used the security vulnerability to collect data.

Obama To Unveil NSA Reform Legislation, But Will Congress Act Anytime Soon?

President Obama is preparing to offer legislation to make good on his promise to reform the National Security Agency's bulk collection of U.S. phone records, also known as metadata. Whether or not that legislation passes through Congress is yet to be seen.
Mark Zuckerberg

Latest NSA Revelation Pushes Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's Buttons

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, along with most giants of the tech industry, has expressed his critical views on the U.S. National Security Agency's activities before, but it appears that the most recent NSA revelation published this week has pushed him over the edge. On Thursday, Zuckerberg called President Obama himself, after which he publically aired his grievances on (of course) Facebook.
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Google's Making Cracks in the Great Firewall of China with Encrypted Search

Google has decided to challenge China's censorship and surveillance of the internet by offering encrypted Web searches for those inside the country by default, a move the company says is part privacy internet technology it's increasingly rolling out around the world.
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NSA Leaks Show Facebook-Spoofing Malware Programs Expanding - Greenwald Report

Is that Facebook? Or is the U.S. National Security Agency pretending to be Facebook to install malware on your computer? It turns out, that's a question you might have to ask yourself.

In Ukraine Crisis, Looming Threats of a Larger Cyberwar

Cyber attacks between Russia and Ukraine have already occurred, but have reportedly been limited in scope. However, with the propaganda war ramping up and tensions increasing, a threat of a large-scale cyber war looms over the region, just as the threat of a ground war continues.
Boeing Black secure android smartphone

Boeing Black: An NSA-Proof Phone That's Actually Geared More For NSA Use

The year 2013 will probably be remembered as the year when the general public learned that there are no guarantees of security and privacy in cyberspace. Aerospace manufacturer Boeing took a stab at a perfectly secure device, as it unveiled the "Boeing Black" this week, entering the race to make a smartphone that keeps its data safe.

A Call To Arms, After a Dismal Year for Cyber Security

While thousands of tech companies and organizations, big and small, and many more concerned citizens got out and protested mass internet surveillance earlier this month, one senior VP at a security firm told attendees at this week's RSA Conference on cyber security that they aren't mad enough.

Target Credit Card Breach's Origin? A Simple Phishing Email - Report

Human error: what a big mess it can make. New details in the credit card breach that hit Target stores over the holiday shopping season point to a phishing email sent to Target's refrigeration contractor as the staring point of the whole debacle.
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