Florida Department of Economic and Opportunity says it is already dealing with a ‘data security incident’ linked to unemployment benefits.

Benefits are ‘Stingiest’ in Florida, as Unemployment Continues to Rise

Unemployment problems in Florida appear to remain unsolved. Claimants say the government program is "the stingiest" because of low disbursement amounts, slow distribution, and data security.
Young Latina Takes A Selfie

Shop by Taking Selfies: Amazon's Approach to Secure Online Purchasing; Foolproof Mechanism Included

Amazon wants you to use selfies instead of passwords to verify your identity when making purchases online in the future, if a recent patent filing is any indication.
Tim Cook, Apple

WhatsApp and Snapchat Close Ranks, Expand Encryption Amid Fight Between Apple and FBI

WhatsApp has decided to expand its encryption scheme to voice calls, as the fight between the U.S. government and Apple expands to include other major technology firms.
Eddy Cue, Apple SVP of Internet software and services

Apple Warns FBI Encryption Battle Could Affect Latinos

Apple told Univision this week that the FBI's demand for weaker security on iPhones could give the government more power to track immigration.
Facebook Acquires WhatsApp For $16 Billion

Brazil's Jailing of Facebook Executive Casts Shadow Over Fight between Apple, FBI

Brazil's arrest of a Facebook executive, however brief, casts a dark shadow on the debate over privacy and security.
Tim Cook, Apple

Apple's Possible Supreme Court Argument Against FBI Could be 'Code is Protected Speech'

Here's the free speech argument Apple may end up using to defend itself and its encrypted devices.

Apple vs FBI: The Road to a High Profile Showdown

A federal judge has ordered a defiant Apple to help the FBI crack a secure iPhone that belonged to one of the shooters in the San Bernardino attack. How did this happen?
Spaceballs 12345 Password Gag, Worst Passwords

The Worst Passwords of 2015: '12345' Is Not a Good Way to Secure Your Data

Technology may be rapidly evolving toward the future, but the way most of us secure it sure isn't. For the fifth year in a row, cyber security firm SplashData has released a compilation of the past year's worst passwords, many of which also happen to be the year's most popular passwords. Go figure.

Social Media Sunday: Privacy Predator 'Most Used Words' on Facebook & Snapchat's New Story Explorer

This week in social media, experts warned that one of the most recent viral hits on Facebook, the "Most Used Words" app, is a privacy-infringing nightmare. Meanwhile, Snapchat launched a challenge to Twitter Moments called Story Explorer, and Reddit has decided to honor visitors' "Do Not Track" settings on browsers.
House votes to end NSA phone-metadata bulk collection

NSA Bulk Phone Records Collection 'Likely Violates the Constitution': Judge

A federal judge has ruled that the National Security Agency's controversial phone metadata collection is likely unconstitutional and has ordered an immediate stop to the program. Though the decision comes as the NSA's program, in its current form, is set to expire in weeks, the ruling sets an important precedent for privacy rights.
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CISA Passes Senate: What Is It and Should the Internet Be Worried Yet Again?

On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate passed the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) with an overwhelming 74 to 21 vote. So what is CISA, and should the Internet's denizens be worried about the new legislation? Here's a primer.
IBM Security, Valentine's day 2015 dating apps android

Valentine's Day Dating App Dangers: IBM Finds Most Android Dating Apps Vulnerable to Hacking Attacks

Don't get your heart broken this Valentine's Day, but also make sure you don't get your personal life cracked as well. According to a recent report, the majority of dating apps are quite hackable. And for every extra feature offered, more details of your personal life are vulnerable to violation and possible theft.
Barack Obama

Obama's Call for Student and Consumer Data Protection Laws: Critics Already See Cracks

This week, President Obama called for new laws protecting Americans from the kind of massive data breaches that defined the consumer cybersecurity narrative in 2014, along with a proposal to limit technology companies' use of student data.
Cybercrime, cyberattacks, cyberwar, hacking, hackers, hack, cyber security, fraud, theft

Most Experts Expect a "Major Cyber Attack" in the Next Decade - Pew

Cybersecurity is an issue that's not going away, and according to a new report from the Pew Research Center, it's likely to only become more critical in the future. Surveying a number of Internet experts, Pew found a consensus that the next decade will be filled with more cyber attacks, with bigger consequences.

Threat Level Thursday: Google's Encryption Obsession and a W for the Feds

This week's edition has some good news: Google is pushing email and data encryption services and the Feds ramp up their cybersecuirty efforts...sort of.
Boeing Black secure android smartphone

Boeing Black: An NSA-Proof Phone That's Actually Geared More For NSA Use

The year 2013 will probably be remembered as the year when the general public learned that there are no guarantees of security and privacy in cyberspace. Aerospace manufacturer Boeing took a stab at a perfectly secure device, as it unveiled the "Boeing Black" this week, entering the race to make a smartphone that keeps its data safe.
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