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It's Internship Season: Is Expanding Diversity at the Lowest Level Enough?

Silicon Valley is working to expand the reach of introductory-level work to a more diverse pool of talent. But are diversity internship initiatives the silver bullet for the tech industry's persistent homogeneity?

Diversity in Tech: Silicon Valley Leadership Dominated by White Men, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Report Finds

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) met on Wednesday to discuss for the first time the diversity problem in Silicon Valley, as Latin Post previously reported.
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Diversity in Tech: Slack Hires Engineer Who Quit Twitter Citing Lack of Diversity

The software engineer that publicly called out Twitter for its stifling, un-diverse leadership culture while leaving the company last year has a new job at Slack.
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HBO's 'Silicon Valley' Creators on Art Imitating Diversity in Tech Industry

Silicon Valley has a diversity problem, but what about its namesake HBO satire? Over the weekend, the creators of "Silicon Valley" had some pointed words about the show's diversity and that of the industry it skewers.
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Diversity in Tech Less of a STEM Education Problem Than Suggested

One of the problems Silicon Valley points to in explaining of the lack of diversity in the tech industry is the so-called "pipeline": There simply aren't enough Latinos, Blacks, or women graduating with relevant degrees to hire. New research shows this convenient excuse doesn't track with reality.
CEO Brian Krzanich Delivers Intel Keynote at CES 2016, Diversity in Tech

Diversity in Tech: Intel's Diversity Report Shows Imperfect Progress, Sets a Standard for Depth and Transparency

Intel is one of the cornerstones of Silicon Valley, which famously has a diversity problem. Intel, not surprisingly, is not very diverse. But the company has been pushing for action on diversity, and its latest report -- though showing halting progress within its own workforce -- is setting a standard for the industry with its depth and transparency.

Diversity in Tech: Dropbox's 2015 Report Shows Bits of Progress Among Mostly Static Figures

Dropbox finally dropped its diversity report for 2015, and like many other Silicon Valley companies, it shows that the company has slightly improved in some aspects, while declining in others. Here are the details.
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Diversity in Tech: Facebook Taps the NFL's Playbook to Increase Diversity in Hiring

Facebook latest diversity innovation, one that's beginning to show results, was borrowed from professional football.

Kapor Capital Seeks to Build Diversity Into the Bedrock of Startups with 'Founders' Commitment'

Venture capital firm Kapor Capital has decided to boost diversity in the next generation of Silicon Valley companies, by building commitments to it early.
CEO Brian Krzanich Delivers Intel Keynote at CES 2016, Diversity in Tech

In CES 2016 Keynote, Intel Shows How it Continues Leading in Diversity

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich took the stage at the Consumer Electronics Show on Tuesday night to deliver the company's keynote speech, which included an impressive update on the company's progress on diversity.
Facebook TechPrep Diversity in STEM education initiative

Facebook Launches TechPrep, Hub to Help Grow STEM Diversity Pipeline

Facebook's TechPrep hopes to boost diversity in technology by empowering underrepresented minority students and their parents to get involved in computer science.
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