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It's Internship Season: Is Expanding Diversity at the Lowest Level Enough?

Silicon Valley is working to expand the reach of introductory-level work to a more diverse pool of talent. But are diversity internship initiatives the silver bullet for the tech industry's persistent homogeneity?

Diversity in Tech: Silicon Valley Leadership Dominated by White Men, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Report Finds

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) met on Wednesday to discuss for the first time the diversity problem in Silicon Valley, as Latin Post previously reported.
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Diversity in Tech: U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to Discuss Solutions, Reveal New Report

Silicon Valley continues to struggle with its lack of diversity, but many firms are now funding initiatives, adjusting policy, and actively seeking solutions. Now, two years after Google began the trend, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is finally joining the conversation in an active way.
Diversity in Technology, Intel's historic $300 Million pledge for parity by 2020

Diversity in Tech: Intel CEO Details Internal 'Resistance' as Jackson Calls on Silicon Valley to Look Beyond the 'Pipeline'

Intel's CEO admitted the company had some internal resistance to his diversity goals, while Jesse Jackson wants to push for Silicon Valley diversity beyond just technology training and hiring.
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Latino Entrepreneurs Are Rapidly Creating Startups But Why Is Early Funding So Rare?

Latinos are creating businesses at a faster rate than the average for entrepreneurs. But only about one percent of Latino-owned businesses receive the early funding so important (and common) to many average startups. What gives?
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Diversity in Tech: Slack Hires Engineer Who Quit Twitter Citing Lack of Diversity

The software engineer that publicly called out Twitter for its stifling, un-diverse leadership culture while leaving the company last year has a new job at Slack.
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HBO's 'Silicon Valley' Creators on Art Imitating Diversity in Tech Industry

Silicon Valley has a diversity problem, but what about its namesake HBO satire? Over the weekend, the creators of "Silicon Valley" had some pointed words about the show's diversity and that of the industry it skewers.
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Diversity in Tech: Pressure Mounts on Rest of Silicon Valley as Intel, Apple Hit Gender Pay Equity Goals

Within Silicon Valley's diversity problem -- the underrepresentation of minorities and women in the technology industry -- is a larger issue that has affected women across business for a long time: the gender pay equity gap.
Netflix To Report Quarterly Earnings This Week

Is Streaming TV Less Diverse Than Old Fashioned Entertainment Sources?

Streaming video is the next generation of entertainment. But as a mix of Hollywood and Silicon Valley, is it representative of the diversity in the U.S.?
Capitol Hill

Where Diversity, Tech, Money, and Political Power Mingle

Silicon Valley has a diversity problem. It also has a lot of money. Some of that money is now going to Washington, D.C.
Tim Cook, Apple

Apple Leadership Diversity Initiative Crushed by Shareholders Amid Shifting Focus

The proposal to force Apple to accelerate recruitment of executives and board members from more diverse backgrounds failed at the company's shareholders meeting over the weekend. After CEO Tim Cook and Apple pushed against the measure, the proposal was voted down by investors by a big margin.
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Diversity in Tech Less of a STEM Education Problem Than Suggested

One of the problems Silicon Valley points to in explaining of the lack of diversity in the tech industry is the so-called "pipeline": There simply aren't enough Latinos, Blacks, or women graduating with relevant degrees to hire. New research shows this convenient excuse doesn't track with reality.
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500 Startups' Latest Graduating Class Is 10 Percent Latino

On Tuesday, the influential and well-connected startup accelerator and seed funder 500 Startups held demo day for "Batch 15," the latest class of up and coming entrepreneurs now being unleashed upon Silicon Valley. And it's one of the most diverse so far, as women lead a third, 15 percent were founded by Blacks, and 10 percent are led by Latinos.
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Diversity in Tech: HP Praised After Appointing Aida Alvarez to Board of Directors

This week HP announced the appointment of former Small Business Administrator chief Aida Alvarez to its board of directors, a decision that has drawn much praise from diversity advocates around the country.
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Accenture Publishes First Diversity Report, Pushing the Movement Beyond Silicon Valley

Accenture published a detailed diversity report on Monday, becoming the first major consulting firm to do so. The results are in line with much of Silicon Valley, which means there's certainly room for improvement, but as with tech companies, transparency is the first step.
Slack Technologies

Diversity in Tech: Slack's Second Diversity Report Shows More Rapid Progress Than Most of Silicon Valley

Despite posting some industry standard-setting statistics, like the majority of Silicon Valley companies, Slack admits it still has a long way to go.
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