Diversity in Technology, Intel's historic $300 Million pledge for parity by 2020

Leading the Charge for Diversity in Silicon Valley, Intel Creates $125 M Investment Fund for Minority-led Startups

When it comes to reshaping Silicon Valley to be more inclusive and better reflect the makeup of the rest of the country, Intel is leading the way again.

'Creative for a Cause' Campaign and Competition Highlights Diversity in Tech, Gives Visibility to Multicultural Artists

The "Creative for a Cause" campaign and competition, spearheaded by Fiverr and numerous other technology firms, is raising awareness about the need for diversity in the tech field while offering visibility to multicultural artists.
Deldelp Medina

MARKETPLACE: Deldelp Medina and Avion Ventures Look to Launch Latinas' Technology Dreams and Change Silicon Valley

When Deldelp Medina talks about Silicon Valley, it's like she's talking about the neighborhood kids she grew up with. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Medina shares some of Silicon Valley's quirks, appreciates its strengths, but also isn't afraid to call it out on its failures, since she became acquainted with the center of the technology universe -- before anyone knew it would become that.

Stanford to Bolster Latino Entrepreneurs with Massive Database

Stanford University will be launching a new initiative aimed at strengthening Latino ties with the entrepreneurial world and creating one of the most comprehensive databases of Latino entrepreneurs.
Manos Accelerator

Manos Accelerator’s David Lopez Talks Lack of VC Funding for Latino Startups, New Addition to Manos

Jennifer Lopez might have garnered the most attention from an audience not used to hearing business pitches from global pop superstars last week at the Venture Capital Association's VentureScape conference. But it's her father David, co-founder of the Latino startup-focused Manos Accelerator, who most challenged the assumptions of those investors in budding businesses.
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Intel, Google Announce New Diversity in Silicon Valley Initiatives

Intel has announced its 2015 plan for a more diverse workforce, and Google has joined in with its own $150 million initiative to get more women, African Americans, and Latinos into technology.
Code2040, diversity in tech program

CODE2040 Announces First Three Entrepreneurs in Residence to Boost Diversity in Tech from Ground Up

A new program is looking to boost diversity in Silicon Valley from the ground up, by giving a select few minority entrepreneurs a whole year of resources to take their startups to the next level. Now backed by Google, CODE2040 has announced the first three winners of their pilot Entrepreneur in Residence program.

Diversity in Tech: How to Attract More Minority Students into Tech Careers? Start By Asking Them!

If you've been hiding under a rock for the past year, when a cavalcade of Silicon Valley workplace transparency reports were released, here's the news: Most high tech jobs and leadership positions tend to be held by white men.
Emoji on Apple, diversity

Apple Adding Diverse Emojis to Next OS X and iOS Updates

Last year, Apple was put under popular and celebrity pressure to fix its emoji -- the cartoon graphical icons often used in messaging -- and add diversity to the mostly all-white cast of characters (not counting the classic yellow smiley faces, of course). It appears that change is coming soon to the next OS X and iOS updates.
Diversity in Technology, Intel's historic $300 Million pledge for parity by 2020

Diversity in Technology: Intel the First to Act, Pledging $300 Million and Minority Job Parity by 2020

Google may have begun last year's ongoing public conversation about the technology industry's lack of diversity by finally being transparent about its workforce demographics, but Intel (which has regularly released such reports for years already) will become the first tech company to do something about it.
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Diversity in Tech: So Few Minority Tech Executives, You Can Count Them on Two Hands — Rainbow PUSH Study

This year we've learned a lot about the tech industry's employee diversity, or lack thereof. Now, a new survey by the Rev. Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH Coalition reports that at the top levels of Silicon Valley companies, even fewer minorities can be found than elsewhere.
Amazon Diversity Disclosures

Amazon's Diversity Report and Jackson's New Call for Direct Action in Silicon Valley

Amazon's diversity statistics are predictably similar to the rest of Silicon Valley, but Amazon stands out from the rest in what it didn't disclose. Meanwhile, Jesse Jackson has called for more egalitarianism from the tech industry.
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Ranking Tech Companies on Diversity

This summer there has been a cascade of disclosures from technology companies, starting after Google revealed its workforce diversity statistics. So how do they stack up?
Apple Store Tim Cook iPhone

Apple Diversity Statistics: Latino Representation in Double Digits but CEO Tim Cook 'Not Satisfied'

Apple Inc. released its workplace diversity figures, and for the Latino population, the Cupertino-based company fared better than its rivals.

Diversity in Tech: Pinterest Shows Lack of Hispanics, but Progress for Women

Pinterest joins the latest round of tech firms reporting diversity figures in an attempt to shed some light on the makeup of Silicon Valley's workforce. The figures? The company's report shows there are barely any Hispanics, but more women than rivals.

Diversity in Tech: Jesse Jackson Calls for Government Action, Promises More Pressure on Silicon Valley for Diversity Reports

Jesse Jackson continued his push for diversity in Silicon Valley this week, calling a more representative workforce in the country's high tech industry the next step for civil rights.
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