IMF And World Bank Hold Spring Meetings

Ebola RNA: Virus Found In Healthcare Worker's Lungs

Health care worker who was infected in Sierra Leone and moved to a hospital in Rome for treatment. Doctors were surprised to discover the virus in the lower respiratory tract.

Ebola Virus Concerns in Guinea as Death Toll Hits 5 in Recent Flare-up; 816 in Quarantine

The Ebola virus has plagued the West Africa in the past few years and a recent death indicates the possibility of a flare-up spreading in Guinea. A total of five people have died in southeast Guinea since March 17 and an estimated 816 people who have come into contact with the Ebola victims are set to be quarantined for safety.
House Approves DACA Funding Cuts for Homeland Security Bill

Ebola Virus Outbreak Update: House Speaker John Boehner Wants West Africa Travel Ban

With news that a second health care worker was diagnosed with Ebola and flew to Cleveland despite a developing fever, Speaker of the House John Boehner wants President Barack Obama to consider a temporary flight ban as the virus remains a top health concern.
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