Hispanic Consumers to Spend $1.3 trillion in 2015, Prompting National Economic Growth

Hispanic consumers continue to outspend other groups when it comes to groceries, used cars and phone services. Their $1.3 trillion in economic contribution drives U.S. consumer markets.
Less Expensive Solar Power Now on the Horizon

Earth Week 2015: The Emerging Solar Industry Creates Thousands of Jobs Each Year

Nearly 174,000 Americans worked in the solar industry in 2014, according to The U.S. Census Bureau. That's an increase of nearly a quarter since the year prior.
Job Growth

Unemployment Rate Drops for Latinos

Last month, the U.S. saw its unemployment rate drop to its lowest level since before the recession in 2008 as it went down from 6.7 percent in March to 6.3 percent.
How Are Wealthy Latinos Spending Their Money?

IMF Latin America Economic Outlook for Dominican Republic, Central America: Growth Dependent on U.S. Demand

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) identified economic activity across Central America and the Dominican Republic has weakened.
Christine Lagarde

IMF Regional Economic Outlook in Latin America and Caribbean 'Weak' or 'Subdued' for Many Countries

The International Monetary Fund released its Regional Economic Outlook report on the Western Hemisphere, and Latin America is expected to see "low" projections. Latin America and the Caribbean's economic activity is forecast to "stay in low gear" during 2014. However, the IMF report stated Mexico will experience economic growth due to the stronger recovery of the United States and "normalization" of domestic factors.

American Middle Class No Longer the Richest in the World

Recent reports have shown that the American middle class has been bested, and they are no longer the wealthiest among their global peers. The report documents the plummet of the American middle class, large pay disparities, and unbalanced distribution of wealth. The after-tax middle class income in Canada is higher than American wages. In addition, European low-income residents earn more than American low-income residents.
House of Cards

Netflix 'House of Cards' Season 3 Will Film in Maryland: Media Rights Capital Granted $11.5M in 2014 Tax Credits

The months-long battle over tax incentives between Maryland officials and "House of Cards" executives ended Friday when they announced a deal had been struck, meaning the show would continue filming in Maryland.

Brazil: Latin America's Largest National Economy

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are five countries that comprise BRICS, a network of nations with major emerging national economies. These newly industrialized countries set themselves apart with their budding nominal growth, and their great influence on global and local affairs. Also G-20 members (group of 20 finance ministers and central bank governor from 20 major economies), the five countries represent an estimated $4 trillion (US) in foreign reserves and a combined grossed domestic product (GDP) of $16.039 trillion (US).
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