Edward Snowden: NSA Whistleblower Warns About Apple’s Image Scanning Tech, Says It Could Be Used to Spy on Owners

Edward Snowden: NSA Whistleblower Warns About Apple’s Image Scanning Tech, Says It Could Be Used to Spy on Owners

Former computer intelligence consultant Edward Snowden has issued a warning about Apple's plan to launch an image scanning tech.
U.S President Barack Obama (R) meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Snowden Leak Reveals US, UK Spied on Israeli Military

Classified documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden reveal that a joint U.S. and U.K. intelligence program has been spying on electronic feeds within Israel's military since 1998.
House votes to end NSA phone-metadata bulk collection

NSA Bulk Phone Records Collection 'Likely Violates the Constitution': Judge

A federal judge has ruled that the National Security Agency's controversial phone metadata collection is likely unconstitutional and has ordered an immediate stop to the program. Though the decision comes as the NSA's program, in its current form, is set to expire in weeks, the ruling sets an important precedent for privacy rights.
Rand Paul

USA Patriot Act Expires: What Happened, Why It Matters, & What's Next

Thanks in large part to Sen. Rand Paul, at midnight on Sunday, the U.S. Senate let the Patriot Act expire, removing key controversial surveillance authorities from the National Security Agency. So what does that mean, and what's next?
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Unbelievably Sophisticated Spyware Infected Computers Worldwide for a Decade -- Report

If you didn't know just how advanced the National Security Agency's digital spying programs were, you will (probably) after reading this.
Obama Signs Executive Order for Silicon Valley Cyberthreat sharing initiative

Obama Announces, Signs, Executive Order for Cyberthreat Cooperation with Silicon Valley

President Obama addressed major Silicon Valley players at Stanford University on Friday afternoon, as part of an official White House summit on cybersecurity and cooperation between the technology industry and the government.
Activists Protest Outside Justice Dep't During Obama Speech On NSA Reforms

Congress Passes Legislation Expanding NSA Access to U.S Phone and Internet Data

The campaign to rein in the surveillance of Americans by the National Security Agency (NSA) has become even more difficult. Congress in its lame duck session has used a set of provisions that expand rather than curtail the agency's data-gathering power.
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Threat Level Thursday: China Snoops, the Pentagon vs. Snowden, Home Depot Fallout, and Gmail is Safe

Welcome to this week's Threat Level Thursday, where we find the Chinese snooping again, the Pentagon beefing up against more Snowdens, wesee how much Home Depot's credit card breach might end up costing, and why Google says not to worry about Gmail being hacked.

Threat Level Thursday: NSA's Search Engine, Encryption, and Android's Weakness

Welcome to this week's Threat Level Thursday, where we'll see how the NSA shares its information with other law enforcement agencies, the power of encryption, how Android may be the bane of some Android apps, and the unnerving conviction of a former U.S. cybersecurity official.

Threat Level Thursday: More Snowden, Yahoo Encrypts, the Safest Mobile OS, and the Air Force

In this week's Threat Level Thursday we get another dose of Edward Snowden, see emails getting safer, which mobile operating system trumps the other in keeping the baddies out, and the Air Force joining the cyber fight.
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Snowden: NSA [Accidentally] Took Down Syria's Internet, Is Working on an Autonomous Cyberwar Program

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden discussed more details about the National Security Agency's past and plans with Wired, revealing that the U.S. was (inadvertently) behind a famous take-down of Syria's Internet and is planning on creating a fully-autonomous program for cyberdefense. Snowden promised that more revelations are still yet to be unearthed from his document trove, which could include a "smoking gun."
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Edward Snowden Granted Asylum in Russia for 3 More Years

Russia has decided to grant Edward Snowden residency for the next three years, further delaying his extradition to the United States.
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US Surveillance Programs 'Harming' Democracy, Law and Media, Says ACLU and Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch (HRW) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) published a 120-page report on how the U.S. national surveillance programs are harming democracy, journalism and law.
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Secretary of State John Kerry to the Rescue After New US Spying Allegations From 'Great Friend' Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel commented on the U.S. surveillance on her country and how it could affect relations with Washington, D.C., while Secretary of State John Kerry indirectly commented on the countries' relationship.
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This One Snowden Leak Shows Why You Should Care About Every NSA Revelation

Over the weekend, a new detail about the NSA was published, and it shows why every previous NSA revelation leaked by Edward Snowden is relevant and important to everyone.
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Federal Board Endorses NSA Internet Surveillance, Suggests New Safeguards

A federal oversight board endorsed NSA surveillance programs, but suggested that new safeguards be put in place to protect the privacy of American citizens.
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