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Latinos Drove the Vast Majority of Homeownership Growth in 2015

Latinos are driving growth in homeownership in the U.S., becoming an outlier in the homeownership trend, which decreased overall in 2015.

Hispanic Consumers to Spend $1.3 trillion in 2015, Prompting National Economic Growth

Hispanic consumers continue to outspend other groups when it comes to groceries, used cars and phone services. Their $1.3 trillion in economic contribution drives U.S. consumer markets.
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Beauty-Focused Latina Consumers Use Social Media to Explore Products, Trends: Study

"Siempre Beauty III: Latinas and Social Media: the 2015 Siempre Mujer Hispanic Beauty Study" found that Latina women and millennial Latinas are deeply engaged in the beauty category, spending billions on products and services. Latina consumers are digitally savvy shoppers who find beauty everywhere, and they're at the forefront of technology.
What We Learned About Hispanic Online Marketing in 2014 and Forecasting What 2015 Will Bring

Despite Hispanic Spending Power, Multicultural Marketing Isn't a Priority

Although Hispanic consumers may hold $1.5 trillion in buying power, half of U.S. marketers have failed to establish multicultural marketing initiatives within their organizations, according to a new report.
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Hispanics Spend More Time and Money In Store, Desire Product Education

The perfect athletic outfit is a hot commodity for Hispanic consumers who are willing to pay a premium for fortified, slimming athletic gear, which they'll find when shopping stores longer, spending more money and seeking product education than non-Hispanic shoppers.
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Moving Beyond 'One Size Fits All' Marketing Approach Could Attract Latino Millennials

The ever-popular "one size fits all" approach to marketing is likely the biggest mistake that marketers, brands and businesses can make, particularly when marketers are looking to win a fragment of Hispanics' spending power.

Hispanic Heavy Radio Users Are Influential, 'Possess Enormous Buying Power'

While upscale Hispanic millennials command wealth with their heavy internet and social media usage, the Hispanic 39-year-old heavy radio user is still quite influential.
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Expert and Nielsen Exec Monica Gil Discusses Significance of Hispanic Spending and Behavior

With 1.5 trillion in spending power, there's little need for arguing -- Latinos have a firm hold on national wealth and spending that has influences the way mainstream marketers think, function and spend.

How Indianapolis Has Benefited From Booming Latino Business Community

"The Crossroads of America," better known as Indianapolis, has quietly experienced a Latino population boom. And the businesses and industries within that community have been making room for business-minded and able-bodied Hispanic/Latino leaders.
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Google's YouTube Jumps Into Latino Marketing With 'YouTube Hispanic' Preferred Ad Program

YouTube Hispanic, a Google venture that was unveiled at the Hispanic Marketing Forum held in New York during the month of March, has set its sights on gaining the attention of the coveted, blossoming Hispanic demographic to determine what appeals to the group.
19.3 Million Latina Shoppers Command Bulk of $1 Trillion in Latino Buying Power

The Youthful Latino Consumer Population Has More Years of Effective Buying Power Than any Other Group

The "ambicultural" and youthful Latino consumer population has more years of effective buying power that any other consumer group, and Latinos are using that purchasing window to endorse brands that observe the nuances of their heritage and culture.
How are Marketers Reaching Latinos? Top Hispanic Marketers Discuss What to Expect in 2015

How are Marketers Reaching Latinos? Top Hispanic Marketers Discuss What to Expect in 2015

Shifts have transpired, and the previously underserved Latino market has proven to be a mighty force to be reckoned with in 2014, and the upcoming year will likely prove the same, according to top marketing experts.
What We Learned About Hispanic Online Marketing in 2014 and Forecasting What 2015 Will Bring

What We Learned About Hispanic Online Marketing in 2014 and Forecasting What 2015 Will Bring

The World Cup only marginally proved what length marketers were willing to go to in order to engage Hispanic online consumers and encourage them to flex their $1.3 trillion buying power in 2014.
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Report: Latinos, Multicultural Shoppers Driving Holiday Sales This Christmas

Nielsen conducted its annual holiday sales survey and forecast, and the results say that Latino and multicultural consumers will be standing behind the shopping carts this holiday season, driving holiday sales.
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Why Marketers are Getting Hispanic Outreach All Wrong and How They Can Get it Right

Success within the Hispanic market simply demands that small businesses and large corporations provide first-rate service. There are few underhanded tricks to sway the growing community. U.S. born Latinos, as well as those who've recently entered the country under dire circumstances, must be treated with respect, something that many marketers are still struggling to understand.

Brand Loyalty Among U.S. Hispanics: the Myth vs the Reality

Based on longstanding statistics, it's expected that the same brand of toothpaste or toilet paper will be found in a Latino household for an entire lifetime -- a loyalty that might even be inherited by younger generations.
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