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Hispanic Ad Spending and Reallocation Could Mean Accelerated Growth for Firms, Brands: Study

The Hispanic market is traditionally underserved, but that may change soon. Several firms with the financial services, insurance and retail sectors have discovered that reallocating funds and increasing ad dollar spending on Hispanic media could mean a greater return on their investment.
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Brands and Marketers Disproportionately Targeting Hispanic and Black Youth: Report

Nutritionally-poor and unhealthy snacks have become increasingly present in television advertisements within the past five years, despite promises to regulate youth exposure to sugary, high-calorie food. A new report on marketing and snack food nutrition has found that Hispanic and black youth are disproportionate viewers of ads promoting unhealthy savory and sweet snacks.
What We Learned About Hispanic Online Marketing in 2014 and Forecasting What 2015 Will Bring

Despite Hispanic Spending Power, Multicultural Marketing Isn't a Priority

Although Hispanic consumers may hold $1.5 trillion in buying power, half of U.S. marketers have failed to establish multicultural marketing initiatives within their organizations, according to a new report.
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Moving Beyond 'One Size Fits All' Marketing Approach Could Attract Latino Millennials

The ever-popular "one size fits all" approach to marketing is likely the biggest mistake that marketers, brands and businesses can make, particularly when marketers are looking to win a fragment of Hispanics' spending power.
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Facebook-Organized Multicultural Learning Sessions Shed Light on Interests of Hispanic Users Online

Facebook hosted a multicultural learning session last fall, which educated attendees on the scope of the multicultural media market, the benefits of impactful social traffic and the weight of multicultural spending.
What We Learned About Hispanic Online Marketing in 2014 and Forecasting What 2015 Will Bring

What We Learned About Hispanic Online Marketing in 2014 and Forecasting What 2015 Will Bring

The World Cup only marginally proved what length marketers were willing to go to in order to engage Hispanic online consumers and encourage them to flex their $1.3 trillion buying power in 2014.
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Hispandering: Latino/Hispanic Market Targeted by Offensive, Insensitive Ad Campaigns

Hispandering, to some, happens to be media that's curated specifically for Latino/Hispanic consumption, to make products more desirable and "digestible" for the selected niche audience. To others, the recess marketing term is an aggressive tactic, charged with somewhat offensive content and an intention to conquer the monolithic Latino market.
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Why Marketers are Getting Hispanic Outreach All Wrong and How They Can Get it Right

Success within the Hispanic market simply demands that small businesses and large corporations provide first-rate service. There are few underhanded tricks to sway the growing community. U.S. born Latinos, as well as those who've recently entered the country under dire circumstances, must be treated with respect, something that many marketers are still struggling to understand.
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