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Economic Future of Mexico, US Intertwined Due to US Latino Influence: Report

The economic future of Mexico is linked to the U.S., due greatly to the mounting influence of Latinos. However, to attain optimum economic and political success, Mexico has to acknowledge U.S. Latino excellence, particularly because of the political ties that exist between Mexico and the U.S.
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Older Latino Population Thriving Financially, Enjoying Good Health: Report

The New American Vanguard: Latinos 50+: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, a study published by Nielsen, indicated Latinos over the age of 50 are "exerting cultural, economic and political influence on the evolving U.S. mainstream."

Hispanic Consumers to Spend $1.3 trillion in 2015, Prompting National Economic Growth

Hispanic consumers continue to outspend other groups when it comes to groceries, used cars and phone services. Their $1.3 trillion in economic contribution drives U.S. consumer markets.
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Moving Beyond 'One Size Fits All' Marketing Approach Could Attract Latino Millennials

The ever-popular "one size fits all" approach to marketing is likely the biggest mistake that marketers, brands and businesses can make, particularly when marketers are looking to win a fragment of Hispanics' spending power.
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Expert and Nielsen Exec Monica Gil Discusses Significance of Hispanic Spending and Behavior

With 1.5 trillion in spending power, there's little need for arguing -- Latinos have a firm hold on national wealth and spending that has influences the way mainstream marketers think, function and spend.
19.3 Million Latina Shoppers Command Bulk of $1 Trillion in Latino Buying Power

Hispanic Millennials' Shopping Preferences, Behaviors Unveiled in New Research

Sensis Agency and ThinkNow Research unveiled grounding breaking key research findings, which gauge Hispanic Millennials' shopping preferences, attitudes and behaviors.
How Are Wealthy Latinos Spending Their Money?

How Are Wealthy Latinos Spending Their Money?

Earning $100K+ annually, affluent Hispanic are growing in numbers and their economic worth is tipping scales. While only 12.2 percent of Hispanic earners are affluent, that fact has not stopped the small segment from quietly wielding that wealth and influencing both the non-Hispanic affluent market and non-affluent Hispanic spenders.
Study: More Affluent Latinos Entertain Themselves by Shopping, Movies & Cable

Study: More Affluent Latinos Entertain Themselves by Shopping, Movies & These Other Activities

Well-heeled Hispanics constitute 12.2 percent of Hispanic earners, and these influences tend to throw about their financial weight a bit more than non-Hispanic affluent spenders.
How Are Wealthy Latinos Spending Their Money?

US Consumer Spending Increases in May: Hispanics’ Trillion-Dollar Spending Power, Interest Identified as Jobless Rates Falls

Consumer spending in the United States improved in May, but the figures are considered "weak."
How Are Wealthy Latinos Spending Their Money?

'Upscale Latinos' Contribute 40 Percent of Hispanics' Trillion Dollar Spending Power

A Hispanic trade organization and a global information and measurement company identified "Upscale Latinos" as the most influential segment in the United States.
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