Latinos Turn to Home Ownership as Renting Costs Soar Nationwide

More U.S. Latinos are considering home ownership as the cost of renting soars across the nation, according to a renter survey conducted by the banking institution TD Bank. In fact, the new report says within the next two years, Latinos are nine percent more likely than the general market to purchase a home (42 percent compared to 31 percent).

Hispanic Women are 'the New Power Buyer,' Key Decision Makers: Report

According to new research, 91 percent of Hispanic women, deemed "the New Power Buyer," believe that purchasing a home is the best financial investment that a person can make, and they're making strides toward acquiring their desired homes.

NAHREP Initiative Hopes to Triple Hispanic Household Wealth Over 10 Years

National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals' Hispanic Wealth Project has received the support of an American multinational financial institution, which posseses a $125 billion lending goal, helping to increase the number of Hispanic home mortgage consultants, support financial education and counseling, and triple Hispanic household wealth over 10 years.

"¡Mi Primera Casa!" Campaign Determined to Push Latinos Toward Home Ownership

The Hispanic Federation and the New York Urban League have joined forces to introduce a new public education campaign, "¡Mi Primera Casa!" or "My First Home!," to increase multicultural access to home ownership.

Best Cities for Latinos: Salt Lake City Has Bounty of Resources, Jobs and Opportunities to Offer Budding Latino Community

Salt Lake City is an epicenter for urban opportunity, business growth, entrepreneurial development and affordable living. The most populous city in the state of Utah, Salt Lake City also has a budding Hispanic/Latino population that shares a symbiotic relationship with the city.

Home Ownership Eludes US Hispanic Population Despite Population Growth

According to a new report, Latinos aspire to home ownership, but many lack the savings, down payment and/or credit to purchase a home. To a greater extent, home ownership eludes the U.S. Hispanic population.
“SOS: Salva Mi Casa”

'SOS: Salva Mi Casa', New Spanish-Language How-To Series, to Provides Tips on Home Décor

"SOS: Salva Mi Casa" (Save My House), a new Spanish-language how-to series will provides tips and instruction on home décor and overhaul to the U.S. Latino population.
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Educational Programs Teach Financial Competence to Keep Hispanic Community Savvy About Small Business Ownership, Banking

There are approximately 3.2 million Hispanic-owned businesses, which gross an estimated $468 billion in revenue, according to a study from Geoscape. With those numbers, owning a business appears to be a very attractive option, but there are high risks associated with owning a business if one does not plan well.
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