Sex workers during a procession in Mexico

Flesh Service: Mexico's 'Home Delivery' Sex Trafficking Amid COVID-19

Mexico has become one of the world's most prevalent human and sex trafficking destinations---from 'home delivery' services to child pornography.
New Study: Mexico City's Male Sex Workers At High Risk for HIV, STIs

The Underground Sex Industry & the United States

Evocative Latino brothels, erotic Asian massage parlors, and the merchandising of the female body online and offline are the foundation of the underground commercial sex industry in D.C. and Atlanta; stimulating the local economy. Pun intended.

Violations Felt by Undocumented Immigrants/Workers

Amrutlal Patel and Dakshaben Patel, Subway owners in Lexington, Kentucky, were indicted by the federal grand jury for knowingly harboring undocumented Indian nationals employed in their restaurants. The married couple was charged last month with four counts of harboring undocumented immigrants. In similar news, a Latino man by the name of Jose Gallegos was found guilty of transporting and harboring an undocumented immigrant earlier this month.
women, women of color

Latinas & Other Minority Women Targeted For Violence

Women of color, as well as young women, older women, lesbians, disabled women and poor women are especially vulnerable to male violence.

'La Reina del Sur' Star Helps Latino Organizations Spread Awareness About Human Trafficking

Kate del Castillo, the phenomenal Mexican actress, who convincingly played the role of Teresa Mendoza on La Reina del Sur, (The Queen of the South) has decided to use her star power for good and assist Latin American organizations in the fight against human trafficking through an informative documentary produced by the Esclavos Invisibles (Invisible Slaves) campaign.

Saudi Princess Arrested for Human Trafficking in California

A woman who is believed to be a Saudi Arabian princess has recently been arrested after authorities claim she held a woman against her will at the princess' condominium in Irvine, Calif.
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