President Biden And Vice President Harris Meet With Cabinet Members And Immigration Advisors

President Biden Push Policies Fueling Desperate Migration On US Borders

A new article examines President Biden's latest moves and policies regarding immigrants flocking to its southern border - and whether it boosts or actually slows down immigration.
U.S.-Mexico border during COVID-19 outbreak in California

Virus Restrictions at the US-Mexico Border Might Be Extended Indefinitely

The Trump administration is currently reviewing a new order that would extend the COVID-19 restrictions at its borders.
Trial of retired French surgeon Joel Le Scouarnec at the courthouse in Saintes

Judge James Boasberg Denies Request for the Release of Detained Migrants

Boasberg, an appointee of President Barack Obama, demanded a detailed report from the government in seven days about whether it's in compliance.
Migrants sit outside an abandoned building next to the main bus terminal in the border city of Edirne

The Tale of a Father That Sent His Son to America, Alone

After a long journey from the slum of Honduran going to the outer part of North Texas, Marvin Joel Zelaya, a 17-year-old US migrant takes his first taste of a vanilla flavored Frappuccino and wonders as he looks at his new environment.
Kids Resting After Playing Baseball in Cuba

Cuban Players Wanting MLB Career No Longer Have to Get License From OFAC

Cuban-born baseball players wanting to play in the MLB have a much easier task than ever before. No longer will they have to obtain a license from OFAC or the US government. Instead, a sworn statement will be required by players, and this will speed up the process tremendously.
Immigration Reform rally

Tea Party Activist Sal Russo Says 'Conservatives Should Be Leaders in Immigration Reform Movement'

Sal Russo, the co-founder of the Tea Party Express, is beefing up pressure on Republicans to pass comprehensive legislation that would mend the nation's outdated and broken immigration system.

GOP Continues To Resist Immigration Push

The GOP continues to hinder attempts to help undocumented immigrants while activists and Democrats push the president to do more.

Immigration News: What Happens Next After Obama's Meeting With Canadian and Mexican Leaders?

The meaning of the border agreement between Mexico, U.S. and Canada. Border issues and Pres. Obama's deportation of Mexican citizens.

GOP Stalls On Immigration Reform

House Republicans hinder immigration reform until after 2014.
Obama: not getting immigration reform was

President Obama, Senator John McCain Meet To Discuss Immigration

President Barack Obama and Arizona Senator John McCain will meet at the White House on Thursday to discuss the next step in immigration reform
President Barack Obama

President Obama Moves Forward On Immigration Push After Government Shutdown

With the government shutdown now a thing of the past, President Barack Obama is following through with his commitment to address immigration reform

House Democrats Arrested During Immigration Reform 2013 Protests: 8 Lawmakers Join Activists in Handcuffs

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi went up on stage and said, ""Let's get a vote on the floor."

Immigration Reform 2013 News: Despite Government Shutdown, Activists Prepare For Weekend Rallies

Immigration activists across the nation will be gathering in groups to demand changes to the current United States immigration system

Immigration Reform News 2013: Despite Government Shutdown, Politicians Push Reform Bill

Democrats stayed on task with immigration as they announced a comprehensive immigration proposal

Immigration Reform News 2013: Texas County Plagued By Immigrant Deaths, GOP Pushes Reform

Brooks County, Texas has become a new prime destination for immigrants looking to sneak into the United States, but it's also becoming deadly in the process
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Immigration Reform News 2013: New Arizona Policy Bans Driver's Licenses for Deferred Action Immigrants

Arizona took more steps this week to limit the abilities of undocumented immigrants in the state.
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