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A Bright, 'Starry' Future of Cheap, Ubiquitous Gigabit Internet? Maybe

Starry burst on the scene this week with a launch event headed by Chaitanya Kanojia, the founder of Aereo, who promised Starry would bring gigabit Internet to the masses -- by delivering it wirelessly.

Comcast's Gigabit Retrofit Internet Service: Coming Soon, With One Big Potential Downside

Just months after publically unveiling an experimental technology that produces next-generation gigabit Internet speeds on cable networks that are already in place throughout much of the country, Comcast's impending super high-speed Internet service has officially gone live -- at least for one Philadelphia-area home.
Comcast CEO Brian Roberts

FCC Flooded With Over 13,000 Complaints Over Comcast's Data Caps

Comcast's expansion of data caps into new markets recently created a flood of thousands of complaints to the Federal Communications Commission, as a recent report exposed.
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Federal Ban on Internet Access Taxes Looming

As Congress is rounding out its session for 2015, all signs point to a bipartisan agreement in both houses to permanently prevent state and local taxes on Internet service.

Let's Call It: The Cord Cutting Era Has Officially Arrived

Three stories hit the news on Monday in separate publications, concerning three different but interrelated subjects -- advertising, entertainment, and the IT backbone of the Internet. Taken together, they represent a tipping point in a trend we've seen building for a decade. Welcome to the era of cord cutting.
Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler

FCC Adopts Strong Net Neutrality Rules, Treating Internet Providers Like Utilities

On Thursday morning, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission voted on a new Open Internet policy, grounded by strong federal authority that treats Internet service providers similarly to utilities. Adoption of the new rules -- which prevent ISPs from blocking or slowing any lawful Internet traffic or charging companies like Netflix for faster delivery -- is considered a victory for Net Neutrality advocates.

Net Neutrality: FCC Chair Tom Wheeler Proposes Strict Utility-like Regulations for Internet Providers

Today Tom Wheeler, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, put to rest any doubt that the agency charged with regulating the infrastructure of the Internet plans to do so based on the strongest legal foundation available. It's victory for Net Neutrality advocates, to the chagrin of Internet service providers.
Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler

Why The FCC's Redefinition of Broadband Is Huge

On Thursday, January 29, 2015, the Federal Communications Commission voted three to two to change the official definition of "broadband Internet." It's more than just semantics -- it's huge.
FCC vs ISPs on Net Neutrality, never-ending cycle of regulation and court challenges

FCC vs ISPs: Upcoming Net Neutrality Vote a Moment of Truth, or Just the Beginning of Another Fight?

About one month from now on February 26, the Federal Communications Commission will vote on new Open Internet rules that govern Internet Service Providers. But what looks like the moment of truth for Net Neutrality debate may be just the beginning of more quarrelling between ISPs and the FCC.
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Obama's Call for Unhampered Municipal Broadband Puts FCC at the Center of New Internet Debate

Beyond Net Neutrality, the FCC has a new issue putting it in right in the middle of the political crosshairs, after President Obama called on states to loosen restrictions on municipal broadband.
Sunlight Foundation FCC comments infographic

Vast Majority of Open Internet Comments to FCC Were Pro Net Neutrality - Study

The Sunlight Foundation released a study on the FCC Open Internet comments this week. What did they find? An overwhelming majority of the public is in favor of Net Neutrality, unsurprisingly.
Federal Communications Commission Proposes New Open Internet Rules

Net Neutrality: FCC Extends Open Internet Comment Period to September 15

The U.S. Federal Communication Commission decided it would continue to accept comments on its Open Internet rules until September 15, which gives the public a little more time to submit their opinion on whether or not the new proposed framework does enough to protect a free and open Internet.
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Comcast Ups the Charm Offensive During TWC Merger Review

Well, it may not reach the level of "charm," but Comcast is certainly trying to improve the generally offensive reputation it has built over the years, just as the federal government is reviewing its proposed merger with Time Warner Cable.

Latino Watchdogs Call for Strongest Net Neutrality as First FCC Open Internet Comment Deadline Expires

Latino watchdogs and advocacy groups are putting a lot of pressure on the FCC over Net Neutrality and its proposed new Open Internet rules.
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FCC's Tom Wheeler Wants to Eliminate Community Broadband-Killing State Laws

Chairman Tom Wheeler, of the Federal Communications Commission, has hinted that the agency might be interested in increasing Internet broadband competition by stopping local and state laws, often imposed with pressure by big incumbent Internet service providers, that outlaw municipal broadband.
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Google Fiber Remains Our Only Hope: Says It Won't Charge for Peering

What's been a side show to the general battle over net neutrality, the possible Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger, and the FCC is the more technical issue of network interconnects and "paid peering." Google Fiber -- which has been seen as the only hope for a fair, open internet if the FCC allows "fast lanes" and the largest cable merger in history -- just announced it doesn't and won't charge for peering.
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