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Despite Diverse Calls for Immigrant Protections, Deportation Raids Continue

The Obama administration is determined to continue its deportation campaign, despite calls to halt raids and provide temporary protections.
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ICE Deportation Tactics Force Illinois Church to Action

Christian Pentecostal Church associate pastor Gerson Moreno and his congregation members are fighting back against the tactics of immigration officials.
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Government Report Found Illegal Crossings Drastically Decreased in January

The Obama administration released a new report Tuesday citing data that shows illegal immigration has sharply declined in the month of January.
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Hundreds of Groups Request Temporary Protective Status for Central Americans

The calls for the Obama administration to stop its deportation raids campaign continues to grow as more than 200 organizations came together urging temporary protective status (TPS) for Central American immigrants.
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22 Senators Tell Obama to Halt Deportations of Central Americans

U.S. Senate Democrats are criticizing the Obama administration's deportation raids targeting Central American immigrants.
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Immigrant Rights Groups Sue 10 Federal Agencies Over Deportation Policies

Immigrant rights groups have filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration's immigration and detention policies.
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Top Issues Latino Leaders Want Obama to Address in Final SOTU Speech

President Barack Obama will deliver his final State of the Union address tonight, and Latino leaders are expecting him to discuss the issues affecting the community.
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Congressional Hispanic Caucus Unite Against ICE Deportation Raids

Latinos lawmakers stood united against the Obama administration’s latest deportation raids.
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Philadelphia Mayor Kenney Reinstates 'Sanctuary City' Policy

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney is prohibiting city law enforcement officials from working with federal immigration agents, paving the way for the city to return to its role as a sanctuary city.
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Homeland Security Confirms 121 Immigrants Detained in Deportation Raids

The Obama administration has confirmed deportations raids on adults and children who were apprehended in the U.S.
Parents of Slain San Francisco Woman Call for Tough Immigration Law

Homeland Security Reveals Border Patrol, ICE's 2015 Immigrant Deportation Statistics

Prior to reports of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) preparing to deport hundreds of immigrant families, it disclosed statistics regarding its central immigration agencies’ apprehension and deportation rates.
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Obama Administration Strengthens Visa Waiver Program Policy Due To Growing Terror Threats

Citing the Paris terror attacks and growing threats by foreign terrorists, the Obama administration announced it has strengthened its Visa Waiver Program.
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Martin O'Malley, Bernie Sanders Call to Close Immigration Centers

The U.S. federal government defended its immigrant detention practices, despite objections from congressional lawmakers and presidential candidates, as the Department of Homeland Security filed an appeal against the potential release of detained immigrant children.
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GOP Lawmakers Abandon 'Sanctuary City' Bill

Senate legislation addressing "sanctuary cities" hit a roadblock in the Senate Judiciary Committee.
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Obama Administration Defends Immigrant Detention Policy Despite Court Order

President Barack Obama and his administration are facing criticism for continuing immigrant detention policies despite a court ruling stating the detention of immigrant women and children violates a 1997 settlement agreement.
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Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson Requests Absence From DACA, DAPA Lawsuit Court Hearing

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Jeh Johnson has asked to be excused from an immigration court hearing. Ahead of the Aug. 19 court hearing, a motion was filed on his behalf as Judge Andrew Hanen of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas' Brownsville Division ordered his appearance and explain why he should not be in contempt of court.
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