Sacramento Kings Center DeMarcus Cousins

NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Players Who Could Be Traded Before 2016 NBA Trade Deadline

The annual NBA trade deadline is less than a month away, and speculation and rumors are swirling around the league
Los Angeles Lakers Guard Jordan Clarkson

Los Angeles Lakers Could Ship Jordan Clarkson Before NBA Trade Deadline

The Lakers may trade Jordan Clarkson before the NBA trade deadline.
Los Angeles Lakers Guard Jordan Clarkson

NBA: Lakers Could Trade Jordan Clarkson; Grizzlies Could Deal Tony Allen

Latest trade buzz from around the NBA.
Los Angeles Laker Guard Kobe Bryant Tears Into Teammates & General Manager at Practice

NBA News: LA Lakers Guard Kobe Bryant Tears Into Jeremy Lin, Teammates at Practice

Frustrated with all the teams 8-16 record, Los Lakers Kobe Bryant tore into teammates Jeremy Lin, Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson hoping they could raise their game as the season rolls along.
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